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Cross one thing off my bucket list thanks to Yvonne.  I have always wanted to try to do a New England style clam bake.  You know… when you dig a pit in the sand, have a fire with hot coals and then layer food with seaweed covering it to steam all the food.  You do clams, corn on the cob, potatoes, lobster, etc.   Well, logistically doing the dig in the sand part and the seaweed is pretty hard around here, so Yvonne came up with the next best  thing – a Seafood Boil.  She brought all the ingredients needed from home and all we needed was to harvest the seafood.   It turns out the seafood part is a problem this year.  We have never been in one place when we had all the needed ingredients so we made do a few days ago she put together everything except the crab and it was wonderful!

 The boil consisted of baby potatoes, corn on the cob, Andoullie sausage, clams, and prawns.  In addition we had oysters done on the bbq and fish nuggets – courtesy of Garry and Bill Bryant.  Granddaughter Demie assisted with garnishing the cheesecake dessert that Yvonne also made.

 Yvonne posted a beautiful menu with each course named after a place where had got the particular seafood.  Greenway Sound Seafood Boil, Oysters ala Ramsey, Wahkana Fish Nuggets – it was all very fun and yummy!


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