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Bad Luck Year 2013

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We now officially are cursing all the bad luck this year on the year 2013 since it ends in 13.  In addition to all the issues I have already shared with you, there is much more to add.

  1. Garry loses his lucky fishing hat.  The one he got in Mexico and cut holes into to keep cool.
  2. The brand new crab pot was stolen or cut lose by commercial crabbers in Claydon Bay after only a couple hours in the water.  (Simon and Bill think it just came unclipped.)  One huge large crab was caught before this happened, thank goodness.
  3. House batteries keep going dead so a full day used to change out big battery charger.  Probably a bad battery, not the charger.  Day wasted.
  4. Main head inoperable several times due to Vacuflush pump malfunction.  Must use back up electric head.  Real soon!
  5. Back up electric head seems plugged.  Must use head on someone else’s boat if things don’t improve soon!
  6. Diesel heat continues to malfunction from time to time.
  7. Gar uses Bill’s tender.  Did not know one engine died.  Crashed into Bill’s big boat.  Bent the railing and broke the windshield on the tender.  It is now super glued back together.  Bill a good sport.
  8. Simon goes to shore to tie shore line.  Drops line.  Tries again. Gets line caught in prop.   Line too short.  Jumps in water up to waste to wade to shore to try again.  Water not warm here.

On the plus side (yes, there is a plus side!) the weather has been great and the main things on the boat are working – like the engines!  Prawning has picked up nicely outside of Claydon Bay.  Simon has success crabbing and is sharing ‘pity crab’ with us so we are not too deprived.  And we are having a good time with the Bryants and Josowitzs.

 Demie will go home today from Sullivan Bay and we will spend the night there for a day on a dock and with shore power.  I will try to get a load or two of laundry done.  Tuesday morning Simon and Yvonne will start working their way toward home and we will continue on for awhile longer with Bryants, heading to Pt. Hardy and parts beyond for some fishing before we head the boat home.


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