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Typical of us, when we get ready to leave on vacation there is a last minute huge rush of things to do and things forgotten.  One of the most important things forgotten is a big thank you to all those who dropped everything to help us get underway and then continue to drop everything to handle the last minute emergencies during our first few days on the water.

 So even if you don’t read my blog, thanks to:

David – who helped load and load and load things and installed the new lights in the engine room.

Pat – who supplied the engine room lights and gave advice on why our shore power plug quit working

Dale – for picking up mail, paying some bills, hunting and finding things we forgot and getting them to someone else to bring up to us later

Vincent and Jose – for keeping the yard up

Neighbor Jim – for keeping an eye on our place and storing our lawn mower so Vincent and Jose can have access to it

Brian – any and all technical advice when something doesn’t work right on the boat

Robin M – for back up help and for “Precious”

Jan and Bill – for trips to Friday Harbor and for bringing us the things we forgot

Bill C – painting

Theresa & Jason – back up if we need something done at home and for keeping me up on news and for pizza our last night at home

Simon & Yvonne – for cell phone booster antenna

Des Moines Marina staff – for repairs in our slip while we are gone

Wonder who I forgot!  If I did, I am sorry but thanks anyway!


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