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Catch Up Time

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I’ve been super lazy about writing anything for the blog since we have had no internet service for a long time.   I am writing this update on Friday morning, the 12th of July and we won’t have internet until Saturday or Sunday when we hope to be at Blind Channel.

We were not able to get into our nice anchorage of Aargh Bay… full again… so we headed to Plan B which is a little anchoring nook just on the outside of the entrance to Pendrell Sound in Waddington Channel.   We spent three night there and did some clamming and exploring by dinghy over at Roscoe Bay.   If we sat out in the middle of the channel outside Roscoe Bay we got cell phone so we called that the ‘phone booth’.   We could drift past the spot of the good signal and would have nothing, then drift back and texts would start popping up.

Gar and Simon continue to McGiver things on our boat.  Since the generator repairs they have rebuilt the battery charger for our dinghy battery and Garry had to completely tear into our inverter.   We started getting error messages every couple hours and it would shut if off.   Without the inverter we have to run the generator to keep the freezers and fridge at temperature so the inverter is very important.  We didn’t know if the batteries that the inverter ran off of were getting hold and not holding a charge or if the inverter was not working right.   Turns out it was the inverter.  It took half a day of work in hot weather but it has been working better than it ever has since he spent the time on it.

We have been trying to stay in touch with the Landes who got weathered in by wind in Nanaimo along with the Keenans.  It took 3 or 4 days of waiting on their end to finally be able to cross the Straits of Georgia.   We were lucky we were able to easily when did it.  You just never know what winds you will get.

We left our little anchorage in Waddington on Monday the 8th.   As we passed the marine park of Walsh Cove there was a lady on the little island doing yoga.  My picture does not do it justice because she was too far away but it was pretty funny to see.  Very strange to see only one boat at Walsh Cove and no boats at Toba Wildernest.  Both places are usually so busy.

We caught dinner on our way into Ramsey Arm.  As we came in to anchor there was a bear on the beach and a logging camp set up that was not there last year.  In the past couple of days we have learned a lot about logging camps.  They are not quite logging yet as they are waiting for a few more things to arrive so there has only been the camp cook, Donna, there – acting as caretaker and stockpiling meals in the freezer for when all the workers arrive.  It has been great getting to talk to Donna.  She was nice enough to give us a tour of the floating camp and explain how this particular camp works and what all she does.   She has been doing camp cook work for about 20 years and is incredibly organized and efficient.  The time we got spend over at the camp has been the highlight of the trip so far.

So, back to today… We woke up this morning to a huge tug and barge that came in late last night to the camp and they are not offloading stuff.   Simon and Yvonne left at 5:30 this morning for early slack at Yaculta and Dent rapids.   We will leave mid-day and catch the 2nd slack because the Landes finally caught up with us yesterday and we want to spend some time with them before we move on.

The weather has been spectacular but we had a few showers yesterday that cleared off quickly.  Hopefully our good luck continues.


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  1. Ummm. pretty sure it’s Macgyver, not McGiver. Just sayin’. 🙂

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