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Canada Day

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The one thing about boating is that you never know for sure where you will be and for how long.   Just when this trip looked like it would be an exact repeat of last years, things changed on us.  It was getting so predicable I was just going to tell you to read last year’s post.  Now I don’t need to.

 The predicable part was on Sunday going to the weekly garage sale/market by the store.  It was the first one of the year so not much there that interested us except the homemade goodies by Barbara.  We bought brownies, bread and strawberries marmalade.   We then left Squirrel Cove to head to Aargh Bay.  Just like last year Gar and I stopped to fish just outside of Refuge Cove and as usual Gar caught our dinner – a nice 7 lb green ling cod.  He then caught something that was a first for us.  We were fishing about ½ mile from some oyster pens and apparently quite some time ago a large bag of oysters broke loose and floated away.   Gar somehow hooked it and we got it to the surface.  It was about 2 ½ feel long and had hundreds of oysters in it, but they were all dead.

 We then headed to Aargh Bay.   This is a bay we found years ago.  It is very tiny and last year was the first time it was empty and we got to stay.   We got right up to it when we spotted a boat in there.   Garry and  Simon went in by tender to see if there was room for us but not only was there not room but the boat was in there was that really mean Canadian who hates American boaters… the guy we had a run in with a few years ago.   We didn’t need that type of issue again so we changed plans and kept going to Atwood Bay.   Fortunately the float we tied up on last year was vacant so that is where we are for a few days.

We swung by Homfrey Channel Lodge just before Atwood and had a nice chat with Dave & Matt, two of the brothers who own it.  They have done a lot more work on the Lodge and 3 of the cabins were rented.  We saw lots of kids playing in the water and in kayaks and dinghys.  We will swing by that way with by dinghy later – either today or tomorrow.

There is a small house on a float here at Atwood and it was occupied last night and this morning.  One of the guys and his young son rowed over to say hi this morning and we were filled in on where the salmon are being caught right now and the lack of prawns due to the commercial prawning season having just ended.

Simon and Yvonne have a cell phone antenna and booster so they are getting cell phone here.  We have to make a call later so will try it.   We also tried their antenna on my Verizon do-hickey and it just might pick up a signal enough we can do emails, etc.  Worth a try, I guess!

Monday afternoon the guys went out bottom fishing and Yvonne and I did some kayaking.  We have had 3 days of wonderful sunny weather now but it cools enough to sleep comfortably.  Monday evening was quiet and peaceful, but then Tuesday morning happened.

It started out great.  At 7:00 a.m. I looked outside and saw a nice black bear meandering along the beach behind our boats.  The tide was out and he was munching on oysters.  Then I went to take a shower and when I came back upstairs the generator had quit and there was a bad burned rubber smell.   A bearing froze in the water pump which in turn caused the fan belt to break.   Always planning for any eventuality Gar had a new spare water pump on board, but a few things are a little different on it so he and Simon are “McGivered”  a solution and soon all was good again.


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