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Oh, Canada

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I am already calendar challenged trying to remember the details of the last few days of the trip.   We left Garrison Bay Thursday morning and headed to Bedwell Harbor to clear Canadian Customs around 10:00 a.m.  We then headed to Porlier Pass to decide about crossing the Straits of Georgia.   The morning weather prediction was good but with winds picking up around noon and we did not hit the straits until about 1:00 p.m.  But like many a crossing you need to use common sense and your eyes.  It turned out to be a great crossing with winds probably around 10 knots most of the way and the tide pushing us the right direction.  We were safely across in 4 hours and went another hour to our destination.  Bill Lande had told us about a small marine park north of Pender Harbor that we had never heard of so decided to check it out.  It is call Muskat Island Marine Park.   We were the only boat in there and so could anchor anywhere.  It was a great place and will be on our list for future visits.  A nice bbq chicken dinner and watching eagles that evening.  It would have been better if Garry hadn’t beat me 3 games to zero in Rummikube.  I will get even.

We headed to Westview/Powell River Friday morning to fuel up the boat and get all the fresh veggies and fruits we are not allowed to bring into Canada.  Hit the Safeway, the Dollar Store, the bank (good Canadian exchange – much better than home) then walked back to the boat.  It has been warm and muggy and then rainy and rainy and more muggy.  Warm weather with no rain is predicted to hit soon.  Anyway, being Friday date night and our last real night out we went to a place called Snickers for dinner.  We went there last year.   They have a wide variety of things but a lot of Greek dishes as specialties.   It was a great dinner.   Later, back at the boat I whipped Garry in a rousing (not really) game of cribbage.

So, went to bed with it raining and we woke up to sunshine.   We are heading to Squirrel Cove in Desolation Sound today to meet up with Simon and Yvonne on Sandpiper.  Hopefully Gar will be fishing soon and we will be eating off the land.

Monday is Canada Day, but we are not sure where we will be then.   Anchored snug is some bay somewhere for sure!


One thought on “Oh, Canada

  1. We have fun reading about your trip. We had great times with you guys on our boating trips.

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