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Starting To Feel Like Vacation


Amazing but true, we actually left on our summer boat trip on Tuesday morning.   We last load of laundry, tidied the house, unplugged appliances… Oh, oh… just remembered while writing this we forgot to turn off the hot water tank.   Guess we’ll ask one of the kids to do it.   I did remember to turn off pilot lights to the fireplaces.

Anyway, we had a great ride up to Pt. Townsend, picking up about 2.5 knots of speed by running with the outgoing tide.   We hit Pt. Townsend right at slack tide (for non-boaters, that is a good thing).  There was a 15 minute little rain shower but then we were in sunshine for the 3 ½ run across the Straits of Juan de Fuca.  The water was perfect.. nice and calm.

We arrived in Garrison Bay on San Juan Island about 5:00 p.m.   Just in time for cocktails with Jan and Bill Lande.   Our boat was covered with soot from the marina fire the other night so we are spending today (Wednesday) cleaning the outside and putting away all of the stuff we brought.  It sounds like we will run into Friday Harbor today for some last minute purchases, then tonight we are going out to dinner with the Landes and Dave and Doreen Keyes.  Many thanks to them again for use of their dock and having time to visit with them and the Landes.  Tomorrow’s plan is to clear Canadian customs and then maybe anchor at Montague Bay.   If the weather and wind looks good we might just make the long push across the Straits of Georgia instead, though, and would end up in Pender Harbor.

Jan and Bill have satellite tv on their boat so between phone calls from friends at home and the news we found out about the storm yesterday in the Seattle area.  Must have been something – rain, wind, lightning, thunder.  And to think we were sitting in sunshine!


On the dock in Garrison Bay

 Update:  went into Friday Harbor.  Crazy drivers and expensive prices on everything.  Regular gas was $4.32 a gallon.  We figured living here must be about 20% higher than back home.  But you can sure see the draw.  It is so beautiful and except in town, very laid back and peaceful.


2 thoughts on “Starting To Feel Like Vacation

  1. everything running well on the boat ?

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