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Well, we are hoping to leave in the on our trip north tomorrow morning, Tuesday June 25th.  It will be tight be we might make it.   I have been so busy I forgot to warn everyone that I would be posting again.   But then all the excitement in the Des Moines Marina last night made me decide to post something before we leave.

Damage from last night's fire.

Damage from last night’s fire.

First, let me clear the air.. Neither Garry or I had anything to do with last night’s fire in the marina that burned 12 boats.   We were in bed – Gar sleeping and me dozing through a tv show when all the excitement started right outside our balcony.   I counted 22 fire response vehicles and 3 or 4 fire or rescue boats.   It was very well handled and damage was kept to a minimum considering how quickly marina fires spread.   It helps having one of the fireboats in the marina.  It actually resides on our dock.   So, it was J dock that had the fire.  We are clear down on N dock.  The marina is busy today with spectators, tv crews, insurance people, hazardous spill people, police, fire department people.

Anyway, our goal is to leave around 7:00 or 7:30 a.m. to ride the outgoing tide to Pt. Townsend and if the straits of Juan de Fuca are good we will head across at the tide change.  With any luck we will pull into Garrison Bay around 3:00 or so in the afternoon and spend the night visiting Jan & Bill Lande.

As usual, I will check emails and try to post when we have a decent wifi signal.  So please, everyone, stay out of trouble while we are gone!



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