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Bob, not bOb


The day before the group from Seattle and other locales descended on Garry at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Gar had made instant friends in only the fashion that he can.  He introduced us over the weekend to a great guy named Bob, who explained he was different than his friend there at the race with him, whose name was bOb.  I guess it is all in the emphasis…

Anyway, Bob (not bOB) served in the military during the cold war and was on a nuclear submarine.  He told Garry about a book that was written about his adventure and it sounded fascinating so I found it  on eBay and I bought a copy and it is on it’s way to me.   The book is called Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage.  It was classified information for awhile.  Our new friend Bob is on page 169 so I can’t wait for the book to arrive.   Be sure to check it out!   Sounds like we were pretty good at our spying on some of the Russian communications.  They sat in a nuclear sub for 6 months ‘eavesdropping’ on conversations is what I understand…


Best viewing of the race, in our opinion!

I don’t remember if I told you that Gar and Bill Lande had constructed the viewing platform and ladder for our rv in Lake Havasu, then disassembled it and then reassembled in at the race course.  Well, someone we met at last year’s race wanted to know what Gar was going to do with all of it when the race was over.  He told her he didn’t want it and promised it to her.  Every part was numbered so she came over Monday morning after it was all off and in a pile and I think she was one very happy camper.  She is going to use it on their rv next year.   Just match the numbers, right?


Our guy… Kasey Kahne

This was the last year they were going to allow bonfires in the infield ( yes, they really did allow them… no more than 1/4 cord of wood, please!)  Next year only approved propane type fires.  It is not a safety hazzard but an EPA issue.  All that wood smoke over a few days.   Pretty funny.  So our last night there Gar and I wandered from bonfire to bonfire checking them all out.  We were invited to many a party and stopped to visit several people we met the year before.


2 thoughts on “Bob, not bOb

  1. My mother would probably enjoy that book.  My step father was a submarine commander during WW11.  He had plenty of stories including one where they were attacked 3 days after the end of the war.  The Japanese were shot down and taken aboard the sub.  The prisoners did not believe it when they were apprised of the cease fire.

    Judy Brown

  2. After we read the book I’ll let you look at it and see if it really is something she would like. It supposedly was on the best seller list..

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