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Nascar and Babies

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I had a great time at home waiting for the new granddaughter to arrive.  She arrived a week later than expected but I was still able to catch my flight on Wednesday morning to head out to the Las Vegas Motorspeedway and join Garry for the week of Nascar fun.  Unfortunately, as soon as I landed in Vegas I found out that baby Isabel had to be admitted to Mary Bridge ICU with a fever and infection.  Thank goodness Jason’s parents were out from Nebraska to help out with big sister.  Isabel was discharged Friday and is finally home… we hope for good this time!

It has been pretty icky weather in Vegas.  Wednesday was good enough (though windy) to build the viewing areas on our rv and on Logger Dan’s.  The guys even built a walkway across from ours to Dan’s.  We are the talk of the track.  People come by to take pictures and we are thinking of a red solo cup for donations for all the tours we give. The best part is that there is someone who wants our stuff when we leave so we don’t have to pack anything home or leave it in a big pile here like most people do.

Thursday was horrible weather.  It was freezing and it started raining at about 2 in the morning and was still raining late into the night.  No testing for any cars was done so that meant lots of eating and drinking.  Today cars are testing before the Nationwide race and the guys are doing last minute ‘tweaks’ to the viewing area.   Unfortunately the uploading of photos is super slow so until I have a better connection I won’t even attempt to post pictures.

Our group this year consists of 3 motorhomes that we arranged in a U shape.  The group staying in motorhomes is Gar and me in ours; Logger Dan and Denise in theirs and Bill and Judy Bryant and Gord & Marilyn (from Pt. Hardy) in the motorhome borrowed from Dennis & Amy who are staying in a motel.  Jan & Bill Lande are staying in a motel and drive out each day.  Arlene and Joe McDougal (sp?) are motelling as are Logger Dan & Denise’s daughter and friend.  Dean & Darlene Sabey are in their camper at an RV park.  So our group starts out small in the morning and swells to pretty big by the middle of the day.   It will be much nicer today since we won’t be huddling inside.

I think that is it for now.  I need to get a few things done so I can watch some racing so will post more tomorrow.


One thought on “Nascar and Babies

  1. With our whiz bang television antennae we can get Nascar at home, so we will be watching for you and your infamous structure on tv tomorrow! Simon and Yvonne

    Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2013 17:13:09 +0000 To:

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