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The Waiting Game

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I am at home in Des Moines waiting for the arrival of a new granddaughter but that is no reason not to keep up on my posts, right?


Touristy picture of the London Bridge.


Look closely and you will see the numbers

We had a great couple of days in Lake Havasu with Jan and Bill Lande.  We took some time on Friday to drive over to ‘the island’ and I got some nice touristy shots of the London Bridge and of the lake.  One of the pictures that I will post is a close up of the bridge.  You will see the numbers written on the parts of the bridge for re-assembly at the lake. 


Lake view

The neat thing about Havasu is that there is always something going on for all age groups.   That weekend was going to be a big jet ski race on the lake so we saw some of the race areas being set up and guys working on their jet ski engines.   Got Garry thinking of the boat racing days.

I was so worried about waking up in time to get ready for my shuttle to Las Vegas that I hardly slept that night.  And I slept with my cell phone in my hand – just so I would hear it.  I finally gave up and got up before 5:00 and got ready.  Gar drove me down to the Quality Inn pick up location and waited with me til it was time to leave.  I was the only passenger in the shuttle until we got to Laughlin.  We picked up one more lady after a quick potty break and stretch the legs and headed to Vegas.  Then I got to wait for four hours for my flight.  There were no earlier flights available, but the wait was not bad.  I got to use my American Express Passport card to go in the new airline club lounge.  There was an open bar, some pretty good snacks, free computers and printers, flat screen tvs and a really nice bathroom complete with a fancy shower.    The flight was on time and completely uneventful.  In fact we landed about 2 minutes ahead of schedule.

It has been nice to be home and catch up with everyone and very entertaining to get phone calls from Garry as he continues on his adventure.   The best is when he calls and I have to explain the gps to him over the phone.  He has been in Yuma since Sunday.  Long story short (OK, a long story long).   A couple of years ago he bought off the internet and used 50hp Tohatsu motor for our dinghy.  It had been a race motor and it has never worked well.  The engine guy for the previous owner of the motor is a guy named Hans and he lives in Yuma.   Gar has had many many hours of conversations with him over the past 2 years.   Anyway, the week before we left on this trip Garry crated the motor up and had it sent to Yuma so he and Hans could work on it.  Sounds like it went well.  Gar says it is now crated and on it’s way back home.


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