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Lesson Learned – or not?


You would think I would learn my lesson about trying to post to the blog with a weak wifi signal.   The last post I did called Still Heading South dropped off 4 times yesterday in the middle of doing the post.   When I finally saw it this morning 3 of the pictures I posted were not there.   So my choices are to edit that post or do another post and show you those pictures in the new post.

I am across the street from Lande’s house they are renting and at a neighbors where the signal is full strength, so this should work lots better.


Had breakfast here


Full service gas station

So, two of the pictures I tried to post yesterday were of some of the road trip before we hit the outskirts of Vegas… It was the alien and brothel area.


Cottonwood Cove

The other two pictures I tried to post were of Cottonwood Cove Marina and Resort.  So, here they are.


Mar on the beach at Cottonwood Cove

We just finished up a nice champagne/mimosa breakfast for my early birthday.  Not sure how smart that is!   If the whole day goes like this I need to be careful.   I have an airport shuttle from Havasu to Vegas that is picking me up at 5:00 a.m.!   My only alarm clock is my cell phone.   Anyone want to volunteer to call me at 4:15 Arizona time (3:15 Seattle time)?  Joking!  I will probably wake up every ½ hour just to make sure I don’t oversleep.

Bye for now! Hope this all posts this time!


3 thoughts on “Lesson Learned – or not?

  1. Mar:

    Happy Birthday!  I’d be happy to call you at 3:15.  I’m up anyway!!

    Tom Compton

  2. Happy Birthday! Dave and I sure enjoy reading about your trip.

  3. The posting I received yesterday had all the pictures, which I enjoyed. Glad you don’t have to leave quite so early. See you soon. Love, Mom

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