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Still Heading South

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View from our property across the river looking at the casinos

We are now in Lake Havasu City,  Arizona after a couple of days of travel and then spending a few nights in Laughlin, Nevada.   We visited our property in Bullhead City  across the Colorado River from Laughlin.  The development has little new construction g but we saw far fewer For Sale signs compared to last year and everything is well kept and clean.  Someday if the prices come back more we might consider selling the lots.  Until then, it is fun visiting them every few years and enjoying the sunsets.  We tried to do some damage to the pocket book in the casinos but fortunately for every dollar I lost at blackjack Gar made it up plus a little more.  The casinos in Laughlin were much busier than last year.  Parking lots and rv parks were pretty busy, so that is all a positive sign for things down there.

I should go back a bit.  On the drive between Reno and Laughlin we hit a few interesting little towns as we stopped for breakfast and/or fuel.  There was the Alien fuel stop where we had breakfast and if we wanted we could have taken a tour of the brothel.  All legal and taxed in Nye County Nevada.  But other than brothels this part of the drive was not real interesting so we started listening to one of the audio books I checked out of the library before we left.   It really makes the miles fly by and we had interesting conversations about who we thought the good guys were and the bad guys were.   I do suggest not listening to a book about a cult where some people are stranded in the snow and their cell phones did not work.  Especially when you are listening to weather reports about snow coming soon AND you are driving in an area where cell phones do not work!

We also stayed at a great place just before Laughlin called the Cottonwood Cove Marina and Resort.  It was the Monday of President’s Day weekend and the weather was spectacular… 77 degrees!   With wind, rain and snow predicted starting on Tuesday night.  The place was really quiet (as in not busy) but those we did meet were super friendly and helpful like everyone else we have met on this trip.  You rent party pontoons boats or overnighter houseboats at this marina.  I think that is now on my list of things to do!

We left Bullhead City yesterday, the 20th with the destination of the house Jan & Bill Lande are renting for a month or two this winter.  Since we were going to arrive before them we stopped for lunch on the Colorado River just past Needles at a place called Pirates Cove.  Not too busy this time of year but that place must be packed when the weather is warm.  Really nice cabins to rent, great rv park, great restaurant and bar and now they’ve added a zip line.  There are docks for boats and there is an old twin engine airplane (maybe a  de Havilland?) on a pontoon with a outboard motor and steering wheel.  That must look crazy puttering on the river!  Wish I had taken a picture but I didn’t have my camera with me.

We got to Havasu and picked up some pizzas for dinner so Jan & Bill would not have to deal with anything their first night.  Bill had been driving down and Jan flew into Vegas to meet him.  She has had some interesting health issues, so doctors recommended flying over driving.  Some said not to go but there was not way that was going to happen!

Tonight we are staying in but Friday night we are going out for my birthday and Jan & Bill’s anniversary.  Then I fly home on Saturday for 9 days, then back down to meet the gang in Vegas on March 6th.


One thought on “Still Heading South

  1. Hi Marilee & Gary,

    Just want to let you know that we’re really enjoying following your adventures.You two know how to do it right, and enjoy life.

    Something I’ve always noted about the US; you folks have the perfect country, geographically. You can be in the tropics, the desert, a temperate forest, the mountains, or swimming in the ocean,without leaving your country. Not so in Canada! So we’ll be leaving to visit Asia (Bali & Malaysia) in about three weeks; sunshine, warm temperatures, interesting culture, and great food. Long flight, but we think it’s worthwhile.

    Thanks for sharing. We’ll keep following, and enjoying, your travels.

    Keep well. Hope to see you later in the year.

    Richard & Tyea

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