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Good Times



Gar soaking up the local atmosphere


Bill at the Bucket of Blood bar

We have had a fun few days as we continue on our journey south.  Our days in Reno were busy and we are finally recovering from all the partying and gambling.. I think..  After leaving the Boomtown KOA we moved about 10 miles into Reno to the Silver Sage RV Park which is just across the street from the Peppermill Resort & Casino where friends Bill & Judy Bryant (from Des Moines) were staying.  We partied in the afternoon in their gorgeous room, then did some gambling and dinner and gambling.  That was on Wednesday…  We found out we all waited too long to make any Valentine’s Day (night) dinner reservations so decided to wing it.  The Bryants had rented a car so on the 14th we drove to Virginia City and while Judy and I window shopped they guys settled in at the Bucket of Blood Bar.  Judy is fun to shop with because she spends money and I can just watch her.  When we finally rounded up the guys, we drove back to Reno through Carson City.  Garry and I had not been to Virginia City in about 15 years but it looked just the same.   Back in Reno we headed to downtown and had a bite to eat at Mel’s Diner where the movie American Graffiti was partially filmed.  Following all this fun was some nap time, then more gambling followed by midnight snacks & dessert instead of Valentine’s Dinner.

Bill & Judy were flying home Friday, so Gar and I slept in some then headed downtown and had a late breakfast at the Cal Neva Casino and walked the downtown area.  Man, is it sad and empty!  Several of the familiar casinos are long gone and some look a little or a little run down.  I hope things come back for them!  Should be interesting when the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction is there this summer during Hot August Nights.

We kept it a fairly short day and drove only as far as Hawthorne… a town with a large Army Ammunition Depot.  It is weird seeing some of the storage areas as we drove into town.   We have lucked out with really clean & friendly RV parks, this one was no exception.  Got to see a coyote wandering through the park.  Just trotting around all of us on his way somewhere important, I guess.

So that gets us to Saturday.  We had an early night, falling asleep watching Gold Rush, so we were up fairly early.  Because of that we got to take a side tour off of Hwy 95 over to Scotty’s Castle, just inside the boundary of Death

Scotty's Castle

Scotty’s Castle

Valley National Park.  The story of Scotty’s Castle is interesting since it really is about a gold mine scam.  After a walking tour of the area we headed back to Hwy 95 and now are sitting in Beatty.  It is an old gold mining town.  We cannot imagine the hot summers in places like this.  But today was great.  We have had nothing but sunny days and cold nights.  Tonight is the first night not expected to get below freezing, but it was at least 62 – 65 at Scotty’s Castle.  Sandals were worn for the first time by me.

I heard for the Chinese New Year it is the year of the snake.  For us it is the year of the critters in rv parks.  The first was the deer in Susanville.  Friday was the coyote.  Then in Beatty it was the begging burros!  I looked up and over at

Burros in Beatty

Burros in Beatty

another rv were a few burros looking for a handout (and getting it).  Makes me wonder what is up next stop.

So it is Sunday morning and we are planning on another fairly short day of about 200 miles to the Cottonwood Cove RV park on Lake Mohave.  That will get is within a short 1 hour drive to Bullhead City and Laughlin on Monday.  We will break out the BBQ tonight for rib eyes, baked potatoes and salad.  Yummm.

Happy President’s Day weekend to everyone!DSC_0008-001


2 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. Thanks for the great synopsis of the adventure so far ! Sounds like you are having a great time !!

  2. Mar:

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop.  We really appreciate, and, look forward to receiving your posts!

    Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY  (February 21st) to an awesome lady!!!!!!  Garry is a very lucky man.

    Kath and I are discussing in earnst what the next  chapter/s in our lives will include.  The potential chapters include:  RVing, Boating, and just plain traveling to wherever, via car, train, tram and/or airplane.  Whatever we decide, we recognize it is a lifestyle and that we need to be committed to  as both boating and RVing in particular  are significant ($$$)  committments.  We think we could include two of the three options mentioned above; it’s just deciding and making a committment that is slightly slowing us down.  Most recently, we’ve been exploring RVing as a possible scenario.  When boating was a stronger interest, I was ready to pull the trigger on a 42′ 2002, Grand Banks in awesome shape.  However, Kath expressed her concern “It just doesn’t feel right.”  The cost was above our budget, but, I thought it could work.  So, for now, boating (larger boat) has been taken off the radar . . . . . . although, I’ve always dreamed of boating with you guys up north.  Oh well, maybe, things will change moving forward.  

    As you probably know, this year is our 40th wedding anniversary (May 19th) and we are taking a trip of a lifetime (for us) to Europe, including a cruise on Crystal Cruise Lines in the Med  and extended stays in Turkey, Spain and Majorca.  Were very excited and looking forward to many experiences and fun.

    Love you guys!

    Tom & Kathryn Compton

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