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2013-02-11 05.11.21

Visitors at the RV park in Susanville

I learned a new word in Susanville.  Pogonip.  We were told we were lucky with the weather because a month earlier they were experiencing heavy pogonip.  Turns out that is an old Shoshone word for freezing fog.  Is is not hail or snow, but little crystals of frozen fog just hanging in the air.  It is very beautiful but eerie.  And very cold!   We have had nothing but great weather.  It is cold at night (about 20 to 25 degrees) but the days have been all sun and blue sky and up to 50 degrees.

Yesterday was a short day –just 85 miles to Reno and a few more miles to the Boomtown Casino to visit good friend Joe Cheezum.  Joe is a boat racing friend from Maryland.  The family of a good friend of his, also from Maryland, bought the casino and hotel and Joe is out here for several months helping with the remodel and upgrades.  We had a great time with him last night for drinks and dinner.  It is really fun when you are with someone who knows everyone in the casino.  Lots of fun talk and gossip.


Crowded KOA by the Boomtown Casino

We stayed last night at the KOA that is adjacent to the Boomtown.  As you can tell by the picture, we were lucky to get an RV spot.  Gar had to do some fast talking and slip a little bribe to the manager.

Today is Wednesday, the 13th.  We are going to move to a different RV park across from the Peppermill and hang with friends from Des Moines who came down for a few days.  I can guarantee some stories after spending time with them.

We have met some of the friendliest people on the trip so far.  Everyone RV park has been exceptional.  The gas station/mini mart manager who gave weather and mountain pass advice was so great.  The guy at Big O Tires who checked our air pressure.. I hope his head feels better from banging it on our side mirror!

I do have to say, daughter Theresa is getting a kick out of every time she texts or calls it sends me into a panic that they baby might be arriving early!  Then to top it off yesterday Jason accidentally butt dialed me and I really panicked.  But all is well!

More updates later.


One thought on “Pogonip

  1. We are enjoying your travel updates. It is fun to hear about all your friends and your activities.

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