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Road Trip – Finally

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We planned on leaving on Sunday, Feb 10th and to be past Portland on the first day, but it was touch and go.  Gar ended up in a project that I was not anticipating so we did not leave Des Moines until 3:30 in the afternoon.  But we made it past Portland!  Yay!  Traffic was very light and we spent the night at a great RV park in Salem.  It was a very early night for Gar (8:00) and I watched some of the Grammys… which seemed pretty boring to me, but maybe I am just getting old??  We went to sleep to late we were up early and moving early.


View across frozen Klamath Lake

Driving on I-5 in Oregon is really boring so after checking pass conditions at Eugene we cut across to the east on Hwy 58, then 97 and went through Klamath Falls on our way to Susanville, Ca.  The minute we headed east the weather got sunny and blue skies and NO traffic.  A tiny bit of ice in spots on Hwy 58 but the trip was great.  We drove a little more than we were going to today but it was such a nice day.  I drove for a stretch and for 1 1/2 hours had no cars behind me or in front of me south bound and only a north bound car every 5 to 10 minutes.

We made it to Susanville at 4:30 and found a great RV park, thanks to my good research.  We are only 90 miles from Reno so get to sleep in tomorrow and do some general housekeeping on the rig.  We have a good boat racing friend from Maryland who is working for a friend doing some casino remodeling at the Boomtown Casino (just outside of Reno), so we are going to see him tomorrow and then Wednesday hope to hook up with friends from Des Moines who are going to be in Reno for Valentine’s Day.


One thought on “Road Trip – Finally

  1. It is also fun to follow your road trips. Sandy

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