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Let The Packing Begin

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It is getting close to crunch time to leave for a winter motorhome trip south.  Where, you say?  Well, we know we will drive through Oregon, hit parts of California, but will mostly spend our time in Arizona and Nevada.  The route we go will be dictated by weather and the day we leave will be dictated by our organization or lack thereof.

Garry has his lists of things to do and I am concentrating on things like bill paying, trips to Costco and Wine Mart, organizing my ‘traveling office, etc.  I am also brushing up on my blogging skills.   This afternoon I will hit the library and check out some audio books for our listening enjoyment on the longer stretches of road that get a bit boring.

This trip will be a little different for us.  I will be flying home in the middle of it for the birth of Theresa and Jason’s second baby.  Natalie’s little sister is due to arrive around the 26th of February.  Hopefully I will be home for the event, but then will fly back to meet up with Garry in Vegas for the Nascar race the second weekend of March.   He will be staying in Arizona and visiting various people and working on a couple projects.

It is a little weird this week because we are actually fairly organized so there is minimal stress.  Can’t believe I am saying this!   My only goal for our Sunday departure is to get past Portland so we don’t have commute traffic Monday morning to deal with.  Other than that, it doesn’t matter when we leave or how far we go.

I have a new lens for my camera that I am very excited to use on this trip.  No more changing out small lens for big lens.  Now it is all in one.  For you camera buffs, I got a Tamron 18-270.  It has a great anti-vibration feature that should make zoom shots nice and clear.  Can’t wait to put the lens into action!

I also opened a Skype account in case we want to make any Skype video calls, but I only know 2 people on Skype so far.   But, hey, you never know when you might want to be able to Skype and it is easier to set it up and test it at home before we hit the road.

So stay tuned for our adventures.


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