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Update From Gar – Correction From Mar

While Garry was in Yuma he was able to visit a couple of times with good friends from Des Moines (and yacht club members) Mike and Bette McQuade.   They became Yuma-ites several years ago when they started renting a house during the winter.  That eventually evolved into buying a place and living there 50/50 and that has evolved into almost year round.  Tuesday night he met up with Mike & Bette and other former yacht clubbers Phil Hilderbrandt and Dorothy Ziegler for dinner.   Wish I had been a fly on the wall to listen to all the stories told!

I need to give a correction to my post yesterday just for the sake of accuracy.  My American Express airport club room card is a Priority Plus, not a Passport.  I strive for accuracy but it doesn’t always happen.  And it isn’t important anyway, right?

Here is a random picture I took from our drive around Lake Havasu.Image


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The Waiting Game

I am at home in Des Moines waiting for the arrival of a new granddaughter but that is no reason not to keep up on my posts, right?


Touristy picture of the London Bridge.


Look closely and you will see the numbers

We had a great couple of days in Lake Havasu with Jan and Bill Lande.  We took some time on Friday to drive over to ‘the island’ and I got some nice touristy shots of the London Bridge and of the lake.  One of the pictures that I will post is a close up of the bridge.  You will see the numbers written on the parts of the bridge for re-assembly at the lake. 


Lake view

The neat thing about Havasu is that there is always something going on for all age groups.   That weekend was going to be a big jet ski race on the lake so we saw some of the race areas being set up and guys working on their jet ski engines.   Got Garry thinking of the boat racing days.

I was so worried about waking up in time to get ready for my shuttle to Las Vegas that I hardly slept that night.  And I slept with my cell phone in my hand – just so I would hear it.  I finally gave up and got up before 5:00 and got ready.  Gar drove me down to the Quality Inn pick up location and waited with me til it was time to leave.  I was the only passenger in the shuttle until we got to Laughlin.  We picked up one more lady after a quick potty break and stretch the legs and headed to Vegas.  Then I got to wait for four hours for my flight.  There were no earlier flights available, but the wait was not bad.  I got to use my American Express Passport card to go in the new airline club lounge.  There was an open bar, some pretty good snacks, free computers and printers, flat screen tvs and a really nice bathroom complete with a fancy shower.    The flight was on time and completely uneventful.  In fact we landed about 2 minutes ahead of schedule.

It has been nice to be home and catch up with everyone and very entertaining to get phone calls from Garry as he continues on his adventure.   The best is when he calls and I have to explain the gps to him over the phone.  He has been in Yuma since Sunday.  Long story short (OK, a long story long).   A couple of years ago he bought off the internet and used 50hp Tohatsu motor for our dinghy.  It had been a race motor and it has never worked well.  The engine guy for the previous owner of the motor is a guy named Hans and he lives in Yuma.   Gar has had many many hours of conversations with him over the past 2 years.   Anyway, the week before we left on this trip Garry crated the motor up and had it sent to Yuma so he and Hans could work on it.  Sounds like it went well.  Gar says it is now crated and on it’s way back home.

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Extra Sleep Time

Good news!  I was able to change the time of the shuttle so I get almost an extra hour sleep AND I tested the alarm on my cell phone.  It is really loud!  I depart Havasu at 6:00 am for the 3 hour trip.  There is a potty break in Searchlight, then drop off at the Las Vegas airport.  I am soaking up some nice warm sun right now since I understand it is not what I will get when I am home.


Lesson Learned – or not?

You would think I would learn my lesson about trying to post to the blog with a weak wifi signal.   The last post I did called Still Heading South dropped off 4 times yesterday in the middle of doing the post.   When I finally saw it this morning 3 of the pictures I posted were not there.   So my choices are to edit that post or do another post and show you those pictures in the new post.

I am across the street from Lande’s house they are renting and at a neighbors where the signal is full strength, so this should work lots better.


Had breakfast here


Full service gas station

So, two of the pictures I tried to post yesterday were of some of the road trip before we hit the outskirts of Vegas… It was the alien and brothel area.


Cottonwood Cove

The other two pictures I tried to post were of Cottonwood Cove Marina and Resort.  So, here they are.


Mar on the beach at Cottonwood Cove

We just finished up a nice champagne/mimosa breakfast for my early birthday.  Not sure how smart that is!   If the whole day goes like this I need to be careful.   I have an airport shuttle from Havasu to Vegas that is picking me up at 5:00 a.m.!   My only alarm clock is my cell phone.   Anyone want to volunteer to call me at 4:15 Arizona time (3:15 Seattle time)?  Joking!  I will probably wake up every ½ hour just to make sure I don’t oversleep.

Bye for now! Hope this all posts this time!

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Still Heading South


View from our property across the river looking at the casinos

We are now in Lake Havasu City,  Arizona after a couple of days of travel and then spending a few nights in Laughlin, Nevada.   We visited our property in Bullhead City  across the Colorado River from Laughlin.  The development has little new construction g but we saw far fewer For Sale signs compared to last year and everything is well kept and clean.  Someday if the prices come back more we might consider selling the lots.  Until then, it is fun visiting them every few years and enjoying the sunsets.  We tried to do some damage to the pocket book in the casinos but fortunately for every dollar I lost at blackjack Gar made it up plus a little more.  The casinos in Laughlin were much busier than last year.  Parking lots and rv parks were pretty busy, so that is all a positive sign for things down there.

I should go back a bit.  On the drive between Reno and Laughlin we hit a few interesting little towns as we stopped for breakfast and/or fuel.  There was the Alien fuel stop where we had breakfast and if we wanted we could have taken a tour of the brothel.  All legal and taxed in Nye County Nevada.  But other than brothels this part of the drive was not real interesting so we started listening to one of the audio books I checked out of the library before we left.   It really makes the miles fly by and we had interesting conversations about who we thought the good guys were and the bad guys were.   I do suggest not listening to a book about a cult where some people are stranded in the snow and their cell phones did not work.  Especially when you are listening to weather reports about snow coming soon AND you are driving in an area where cell phones do not work!

We also stayed at a great place just before Laughlin called the Cottonwood Cove Marina and Resort.  It was the Monday of President’s Day weekend and the weather was spectacular… 77 degrees!   With wind, rain and snow predicted starting on Tuesday night.  The place was really quiet (as in not busy) but those we did meet were super friendly and helpful like everyone else we have met on this trip.  You rent party pontoons boats or overnighter houseboats at this marina.  I think that is now on my list of things to do!

We left Bullhead City yesterday, the 20th with the destination of the house Jan & Bill Lande are renting for a month or two this winter.  Since we were going to arrive before them we stopped for lunch on the Colorado River just past Needles at a place called Pirates Cove.  Not too busy this time of year but that place must be packed when the weather is warm.  Really nice cabins to rent, great rv park, great restaurant and bar and now they’ve added a zip line.  There are docks for boats and there is an old twin engine airplane (maybe a  de Havilland?) on a pontoon with a outboard motor and steering wheel.  That must look crazy puttering on the river!  Wish I had taken a picture but I didn’t have my camera with me.

We got to Havasu and picked up some pizzas for dinner so Jan & Bill would not have to deal with anything their first night.  Bill had been driving down and Jan flew into Vegas to meet him.  She has had some interesting health issues, so doctors recommended flying over driving.  Some said not to go but there was not way that was going to happen!

Tonight we are staying in but Friday night we are going out for my birthday and Jan & Bill’s anniversary.  Then I fly home on Saturday for 9 days, then back down to meet the gang in Vegas on March 6th.


Good Times


Gar soaking up the local atmosphere


Bill at the Bucket of Blood bar

We have had a fun few days as we continue on our journey south.  Our days in Reno were busy and we are finally recovering from all the partying and gambling.. I think..  After leaving the Boomtown KOA we moved about 10 miles into Reno to the Silver Sage RV Park which is just across the street from the Peppermill Resort & Casino where friends Bill & Judy Bryant (from Des Moines) were staying.  We partied in the afternoon in their gorgeous room, then did some gambling and dinner and gambling.  That was on Wednesday…  We found out we all waited too long to make any Valentine’s Day (night) dinner reservations so decided to wing it.  The Bryants had rented a car so on the 14th we drove to Virginia City and while Judy and I window shopped they guys settled in at the Bucket of Blood Bar.  Judy is fun to shop with because she spends money and I can just watch her.  When we finally rounded up the guys, we drove back to Reno through Carson City.  Garry and I had not been to Virginia City in about 15 years but it looked just the same.   Back in Reno we headed to downtown and had a bite to eat at Mel’s Diner where the movie American Graffiti was partially filmed.  Following all this fun was some nap time, then more gambling followed by midnight snacks & dessert instead of Valentine’s Dinner.

Bill & Judy were flying home Friday, so Gar and I slept in some then headed downtown and had a late breakfast at the Cal Neva Casino and walked the downtown area.  Man, is it sad and empty!  Several of the familiar casinos are long gone and some look a little or a little run down.  I hope things come back for them!  Should be interesting when the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction is there this summer during Hot August Nights.

We kept it a fairly short day and drove only as far as Hawthorne… a town with a large Army Ammunition Depot.  It is weird seeing some of the storage areas as we drove into town.   We have lucked out with really clean & friendly RV parks, this one was no exception.  Got to see a coyote wandering through the park.  Just trotting around all of us on his way somewhere important, I guess.

So that gets us to Saturday.  We had an early night, falling asleep watching Gold Rush, so we were up fairly early.  Because of that we got to take a side tour off of Hwy 95 over to Scotty’s Castle, just inside the boundary of Death

Scotty's Castle

Scotty’s Castle

Valley National Park.  The story of Scotty’s Castle is interesting since it really is about a gold mine scam.  After a walking tour of the area we headed back to Hwy 95 and now are sitting in Beatty.  It is an old gold mining town.  We cannot imagine the hot summers in places like this.  But today was great.  We have had nothing but sunny days and cold nights.  Tonight is the first night not expected to get below freezing, but it was at least 62 – 65 at Scotty’s Castle.  Sandals were worn for the first time by me.

I heard for the Chinese New Year it is the year of the snake.  For us it is the year of the critters in rv parks.  The first was the deer in Susanville.  Friday was the coyote.  Then in Beatty it was the begging burros!  I looked up and over at

Burros in Beatty

Burros in Beatty

another rv were a few burros looking for a handout (and getting it).  Makes me wonder what is up next stop.

So it is Sunday morning and we are planning on another fairly short day of about 200 miles to the Cottonwood Cove RV park on Lake Mohave.  That will get is within a short 1 hour drive to Bullhead City and Laughlin on Monday.  We will break out the BBQ tonight for rib eyes, baked potatoes and salad.  Yummm.

Happy President’s Day weekend to everyone!DSC_0008-001