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We are in the beautiful U. S. of A!  Crossed over Sunday morning from Ganges and cleared customs at Roche Harbor, then went in to Garrison Bay.  Sandpiper was anchored in the bay with Annabjorn (B.J. & Anna Bjorneby) rafted to them.  We tied up on our friends dock and Simon, Yvonne, Anna and BJ came over that night for a little while.  It was very very hot!!!

I got up at 1:00 a.m. to watch for some meteors.  Garry and I had watched them Saturday night from the bow of our boat while we were at Ganges.   It was really fun, but Sunday night I was a little late and it was after the peak of the showers so I only saw a few.

Monday Jan and Bill Lande headed back here from Des Moines to their boat and Gar’s nephew Dennis, girlfriend Michelle, and his daughter and her friend arrived on the Ragged Edge.  It was their first real trip in his new boat, a 31’ Tiara.  To celebrate we had a big fish and prawn fry for everyone.  We got some kayaking in (first time for Michelle and she is hooked), the girls went swimming, kayaking and dinghying, and we did a slide show of our trip so far. 

Today Sandpiper is heading more toward home and I think Annabjorn is going to Roche Harbor.  We are going to Reid Harbor on Stuart Island for a night or two.  Dennis’ daughter, Dallas and her friend Courtney want to camp somewhere and Bill and Yvonne say that is a great place for camping and hiking. 

We are going to need to take on some fuel before we get home, so we are thinking of fueling in Friday Harbor on Thursday and then going as far as Pt. Townsend or Pt. Ludlow, arriving home on Friday afternoon.  Can’t wait to see everyone!!!!!


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