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The Ganges Experience

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I realized after I did the brief post yesterday about golfing that it might be confusing who Frank is and where he came into the picture.   Well, after we left Nanaimo we spent a night at Montague with Sandpiper, then came Friday to Ganges.   Ganges is a fun town on Salt Spring Island and it is very popular on weekends because of their great Saturday Market.   We were lucky enough to get reservations at the Ganges Marina for Friday & Saturday night.  Bryants had met up Thurs with their two sons, their wives and little kids but were not able to get reservations for their boats.   However, the Frank & Trish Keenan on Double Eagle got a spot on the government dock and did some boat rearranging and made enough room for the 3 Bryant boats.   Then yesterday afternoon, Robin & Darrel Miller arrived.  They left Des Moines at 9:15 in the morning and were here by 3:30!   Whew!  They were flying!   They had made reservations where we are so in total we have 6 Des Moines Yacht Club boats here for 2 nights.

All the Ganges marinas are packed and there are tons of boats anchored out.  It is sunny and gorgeous this morning.  We had a nice hamburger BBQ over at the Bryants boats last night but will hit the Saturday market in awhile to enjoy the local baked goods and fresh produce.   The only other time we were here on market day was last June and not much was in season yet.  That should be really different today.

We are not sure where we are going on Sunday but will probably be at Garrison Bay, back in the United States on Monday!!!


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