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Skipping ahead a little, we ended up in Ganges today and will be here for two days.   We were just arriving at the marina when my cell phone rang.  Since it was time to get lines and fenders ready I ignored it until later.  Well, that was OK since I saw it was from Bill Bryant.   After we were tied up I called him back and he told me that he and Frank Keenan (Double Eagle) were going to go golfing in an hour and did Garry want to go.  You bet.  Well, after a quick change of clothes and a quick sandwich, Gar was ready.  The phone rang again.  It was Bill.  He mentioned a change of plans.  Seems as though Frank made reservations for another island.  No, not the wrong golf course.  It was a different island quite a ways away.   The taxi driver from  the other island was quite confused.  Oh, well.  Everyone gets a Mulligan, right Frank?


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