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Bull Harbor and Roller Bay


Wow, I am so glad we came to Bull Harbor.  The fishing has been horrible – as in no fish – but the place is so great.  Bull Harbor is managed by the First Nation Tlatlaskwala people.  No one lives here year round any more but a couple at a time take 2 week stints as caretakers.  There is a closed Coast Guard station here and we are tied up to a really nice dock that is maintained.  It is a very protected harbor for anchoring but being on the dock is a bonus.  Caretaker Tom collected our very reasonable moorage and he showed us where there was some power (15 amp), so Bill was able to plug in rather than run his portable generator.   Logger Dan and Denise came up from Malcolm Island to spend time with us and fish, and Gordy for Pt. Hardy is staying on Bryant’s boat.

Tom warned us of the wolves on the island, so we girls were reluctant to walk the road over to the other side without the guys with us, so they came with us yesterday afternoon.   The west side of the island has a bay named Roller Bay and it is very clear how it got it’s name.  The constant wave action from the Queen Charlotte’s and the ocean grab the rocks and you can hear them rolling down to the water.  There is no sand – just tons of round smooth rocks in all sizes.  The beach of rocks was steeply sloped – a good 20 feet or so.  We collected some of the rocks to bring home and then walked north to a sandy beach area before finding a trail through the woods to get back to the road and our boats.  It was a sunny day and it was really beautiful.  Worth coming here, for sure!

Even though the guys didn’t catch any fish (yet) they did report a dead whale to the Coast Guard.  It was upside down and really bloated so they were not able to determine what type of whale.   I guess it is started drifting down the channel toward Pt. Hardy.

(FISHING UPDATE)  The previous report on fishing was for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.  The Friday fishing report took a turn for the good!   A couple really nice halibut (Gar – 55 pounds, Denise – 40 pounds) and a few really nice Kings.  It was so good that after coming in for lunch Judy and I got talked into going out to fish.   It was a beautiful day on the ocean.  Gordy caught a halibut and I had one to the boat, but the hook or line broke.   We all got to see it though!   So Friday night was a fish & chips night.  Great time!


2 thoughts on “Bull Harbor and Roller Bay

  1. Mar it is called roller bay although it was really rolling

  2. Gord – thanks for the catch. I edited the post and made it right. In Sointula enjoying the day!

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