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Woo Hoo! Almost Home!

It is Wednesday, the 15th, and we are in Pt. Ludlow for the night then home tomorrow.  We had a great couple days with Garry’s nephew Dennis and his family, but home was beckoning, so after spending yesterday with them at Reid Harbor we pulled out at 6:30 this morning and headed to the Straits of Juan de Fuca.   We had a good crossing except for one little swell that caused Garry’s breakfast plate to slide off the counter and land upside down on the floor.  He had made a wonderful breakfast, so we instituted the 5 second rule – extended it to 15 seconds – and he was able to finish.   We put on some fuel in Pt. Townsend but just enough for a cushion to get home as Des Moines fuel is almost 60 cents a gallon less!

The trip has been wonderful.  We went to something like 9 or 10 new places or places we have not been to in over 20 years.  We met some great people; had no run ins with not so great people; had good water and fantastic weather.  We are always grateful for friends who let us use their docks, their cars, electricity and sometimes even their tools.  And we always enjoy meeting up with all our boating friends at different times.

This may be my last post for awhile.  I think I’ll be doing laundry for a week or so.   Thanks to everyone who reads my blog.  I enjoy doing it and I hope you all have enjoyed our adventures this summer!


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Almost Home

We are in the beautiful U. S. of A!  Crossed over Sunday morning from Ganges and cleared customs at Roche Harbor, then went in to Garrison Bay.  Sandpiper was anchored in the bay with Annabjorn (B.J. & Anna Bjorneby) rafted to them.  We tied up on our friends dock and Simon, Yvonne, Anna and BJ came over that night for a little while.  It was very very hot!!!

I got up at 1:00 a.m. to watch for some meteors.  Garry and I had watched them Saturday night from the bow of our boat while we were at Ganges.   It was really fun, but Sunday night I was a little late and it was after the peak of the showers so I only saw a few.

Monday Jan and Bill Lande headed back here from Des Moines to their boat and Gar’s nephew Dennis, girlfriend Michelle, and his daughter and her friend arrived on the Ragged Edge.  It was their first real trip in his new boat, a 31’ Tiara.  To celebrate we had a big fish and prawn fry for everyone.  We got some kayaking in (first time for Michelle and she is hooked), the girls went swimming, kayaking and dinghying, and we did a slide show of our trip so far. 

Today Sandpiper is heading more toward home and I think Annabjorn is going to Roche Harbor.  We are going to Reid Harbor on Stuart Island for a night or two.  Dennis’ daughter, Dallas and her friend Courtney want to camp somewhere and Bill and Yvonne say that is a great place for camping and hiking. 

We are going to need to take on some fuel before we get home, so we are thinking of fueling in Friday Harbor on Thursday and then going as far as Pt. Townsend or Pt. Ludlow, arriving home on Friday afternoon.  Can’t wait to see everyone!!!!!

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Sand Art

When we took our walk to Roller Bay there were some really cool designs in the sand at low tide.  These are made by the water running across the sand.  The pictures don’t really do justice but I tried to capture some of nature’s art.


I tried inserting them into the word document then posting to the blog, but I can’t do it that way.  Oh, well.  This works but is not as convenient.

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The Ganges Experience

I realized after I did the brief post yesterday about golfing that it might be confusing who Frank is and where he came into the picture.   Well, after we left Nanaimo we spent a night at Montague with Sandpiper, then came Friday to Ganges.   Ganges is a fun town on Salt Spring Island and it is very popular on weekends because of their great Saturday Market.   We were lucky enough to get reservations at the Ganges Marina for Friday & Saturday night.  Bryants had met up Thurs with their two sons, their wives and little kids but were not able to get reservations for their boats.   However, the Frank & Trish Keenan on Double Eagle got a spot on the government dock and did some boat rearranging and made enough room for the 3 Bryant boats.   Then yesterday afternoon, Robin & Darrel Miller arrived.  They left Des Moines at 9:15 in the morning and were here by 3:30!   Whew!  They were flying!   They had made reservations where we are so in total we have 6 Des Moines Yacht Club boats here for 2 nights.

All the Ganges marinas are packed and there are tons of boats anchored out.  It is sunny and gorgeous this morning.  We had a nice hamburger BBQ over at the Bryants boats last night but will hit the Saturday market in awhile to enjoy the local baked goods and fresh produce.   The only other time we were here on market day was last June and not much was in season yet.  That should be really different today.

We are not sure where we are going on Sunday but will probably be at Garrison Bay, back in the United States on Monday!!!

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Skipping ahead a little, we ended up in Ganges today and will be here for two days.   We were just arriving at the marina when my cell phone rang.  Since it was time to get lines and fenders ready I ignored it until later.  Well, that was OK since I saw it was from Bill Bryant.   After we were tied up I called him back and he told me that he and Frank Keenan (Double Eagle) were going to go golfing in an hour and did Garry want to go.  You bet.  Well, after a quick change of clothes and a quick sandwich, Gar was ready.  The phone rang again.  It was Bill.  He mentioned a change of plans.  Seems as though Frank made reservations for another island.  No, not the wrong golf course.  It was a different island quite a ways away.   The taxi driver from  the other island was quite confused.  Oh, well.  Everyone gets a Mulligan, right Frank?

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Fog? Wind? Which is best?

This is the time of year fog really starts setting in up north, especially the area we were in.  It is not as bad once you get back down toward Desolation and toward home, but that is the way it is in August.  But fog usually means not much wind, so there is an upside to it.


We left Bull Harbor on Saturday and went half way to Pt. Hardy and anchored with the Bryants in Port Elizabeth.  No marina, just a real nice anchorage.   The next morning Gar & I were going to go to Sointula on Malcolm Island and the Bryants were going to Pt. Hardy for a day to fuel up and to drop off their small boat and leave it at Gord’s place.   As soon as we passed Pt. Hardy we were completely socked in by fog.  Our radar is so good, and it was so calm, it picked up birds, kelp, logs and the occasional boat.  The fog was starting to lift just a little bit in Sointula and by noon it was a beautiful day.  The Bryants ended up coming to Sointula after a brief stop at Pt. Hardy instead of staying the night.  That worked out great for us because they have satellite TV and we were able to watch the Seafair Hydroplane races from about 2:30 on.  Caught the last of the Blue Angels, then everything else.


Dan and Denise Johnson have a really nice ‘cabin’ on Malcolm Island.  They gave us one of their trucks to use while we were there so we could drive around the island, go to the grocery store, etc.   We had a great steak dinner at their place Monday night.  The deer in the area are so tame you can almost feed them by hand.

We left in heavy fog Tuesday morning for a 9 or 10 hour run down the Johnstones to the Campbell River area.  We left at 6:30 and the Bryants left much later since they are so much faster than us.   We were in heavy fog off and on for about 4 hours then it lifted and was a beautiful day.  The straits were glassy calm the entire way!  Yay!  We went to Quadra Island and stayed on the dock at the private lodge, Gowlland Harbor Resort.  Bill is good friends with the caretaker, Dave, and we know him from past fishing trips to Spider.  There were some guests there so we didn’t get to spend too much time with Dave but got to walk all around the resort.  It is really something!  Beautiful lodge, cabins, mini-golf area, exercise room, sauna, hot tub, etc.

We left Gowlland Harbor at 6:30 Wednesday morning to make the 7 hour run to Nanaimo.  The weather predictions were conflicting, but it wasn’t going to be any better the next few days and we were trying to meet up with Simon and Yvonne, so off we went.  The rip tide out of Campbell River was interesting to say the least, but then we had good water until the Sisters Islands (a little more than half way).  We then got into some not so fun water, pretty much the last 3 hours in 4 to 5 footers, with some closer to 6 footers.  Gar trimmed out the boat just perfectly and we actually ran a little better in the water at a slightly higher speed than normal, so we made it to Nanaimo just around 2:00 with a fair amount of salt on the windows but nothing broken.  Gar did a great job of getting us through the slop.  At Nanaimo Bill and Simon were desperately trying to find us a spot at the Nanaimo Yacht Club reciprocity dock.  Everything they tried wasn’t working out and then finally there was a spot for us.  Yay!!!!  Tied up, tired but happy.

After some down time and showers the six of us got in the dinghies and headed over to the Dinghy Pub Bar on Newcastle Island.  The menu has changed so we were guessing maybe the ownership had changed.  Simon was totally bummed that they no longer have beer battered halibut and chips.  I had their new taco salad and would not recommend it.  The flat bread pizzas that some of them ordered looked good.   Then it was back to the boats and an early night.

So it is now Thursday morning – all quiet in Nanaimo.  Bryants are leaving today to meet up with their kids and Sandpiper is going to Montague Harbor.  We have not decided yet what we are doing – just going to play it all by ear.

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I finally have some real wifi that is free and pretty fast so am going to attempt to post a few pictures of some of our adventures.

Gary kneeboarding at Ramsay Arm.  That was quite the feat.


The pictographs in Homfray Channel.  They were very cool!


Fishing results while at Bull Harbor.  This place is a definite must.


Dancing time at Gord & Marilyn’s place in Pt. Hardy.  Good times had by all that night.