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Where Are The Boats??


Lots of good times since leaving Echo Bay on Tuesday.   We decided to take a chance on docks still being at Greenway Sound and try the prawning there.   The docks are there but not in as good of shape as last year.  The hard winters really take their toll.  Rumors abound about whether you can stay there, but it is not posted No Trespassing.  From what we could clarify, the latest note posted on one of the buildings encourages people to make some type of donation to the owners to help defray their taxes, as they have not been able to sell the place.   Not many boats were there.   The prawning was not as good as last year but they were huge!  Almost scampi size.  We called them lobsters!  Gar’s bait seems to be the hit of the pots but everyone got prawns there.  The other guys did better if their pots were not by Garry’s.  Yvonne’s theory on that is that if Garry’s bait is better, why bother with the other… just go to the gourmet stuff.  Garry is now concerned that someone will try to bribe is bait co-maker for their secret recipe.  (Jim!  Accept no bribes!  We are bringing you prawns home!)


While at Greenway, Bill L., Jan and Judy took a side trip to Sullivan Bay.  Jan had never been there and they had a nice lunch, hit the store and walked all around the floats then came back.


On Friday morning, we said goodbye to Another Bill as they headed south toward home.   The rest of us headed for Claydon Bay.  We were shocked to see not a single boat in the bay.  Well, not quite true.  There were two leaving, then no one else.  Claydon Bay is such a popular anchorage that we really were surprised.  The crabbing is not as good as usual so maybe that is the answer.   Bill and Simon are getting a few crab but Gar has been skunked.  Simon is loving it!  Bill & Garry went salmon fishing at James Point but had no luck.


The weather has been cloudier, but there was no morning fog today and the afternoons clear up pretty well.  Temperatures are pretty comfortable.


From here we think that the plan is that we travel with Bumble Bee to Blunden Harbor on Sunday and then on to Port Hardy (Bill insists it is Port Party!) to get some decent salmon fishing in.  Sandpiper will stay in the Broughtons a little longer before heading south.  After Port Hardy we will start our meandering home, hoping to stop in Sointula and Campbell River to visit friends at each place.  My best guess is that we will leave the Port Hardy area anywhere from next Friday to next Sunday.  Fishing, wind and weather will be the factors.


Another prawning update.  Our usual spot that Todd Hiatt showed us several years ago has been the hot spot.  Simon got his largest haul and I am hoping Garry stops after today’s haul.  I freeze a lot of them but we are eating them almost everyday for appetizers.


3 thoughts on “Where Are The Boats??

  1. souds as all is going well for you folks.
    as far as bribes is concerned let the bidding begin

  2. Wait a minute, are you bringing prawns for the halibut donors?

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