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Ode To Simon

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Whiskey River

Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down

Whiskey, If You Were a Woman

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Help Me Make It Through The Night


What do all these songs have in common with Simon?  A night he wants to forget but is forever in our memories.  Fireball Whiskey, also known as Cinnamon Whiskey became Simon’s undoing.  He claims Bill and Garry did not tell him there was alcohol in it.  When did he ever think he could trust those two?


They guys were pulling their prawn pots.  Simon realized it was going to be one of his best days, so he kept asking for the bottle of Fireball to celebrate. “ More whiskey, more whiskey.  Look at those prawns!”  Not sure if he had more prawns than whiskey, but he killed the bottle.  Yes, Bill & Garry had some too, but Simon had his fair share and it turns out is a light weight when it comes to whiskey.  He made it through appetizers that night before ending up hanging over the side of his boat for a few hours cursing the prawn god… the moaning and muttering was the entertainment for all of us that night.  Fortunately he was hanging over the far side so we didn’t have the visual, just the audio version of his evening.


One thought on “Ode To Simon

  1. OMG Simon is funny sober. I’ll bet whiskey soaked he is hilarious.

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