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Blunden, At Last

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Change of plans… then change again.  We left Claydon Bay on Sunday, heading for Dickson Island for the night instead of Blunden thinking of some salmon fishing at James Pt.  Before we went in to anchor we decided to go out to the point to make cell phone calls.  The water looked so perfect for Pt. Hardy, so Bill called to see if there was room at the marina but they well totally full, so we switched our plan back to Blunden.  That would take about 10 miles off of our crossing Monday morning.   I have always wanted to see Blunden Harbor but it has never happened.  Could not have been with better guides than Bill & Judy because they have been there many times.

We had a perfect anchoring spot and then Bill & Gar went out around the corner to look for that elusive salmon.  Gar caught a nice Spring (Chinook or King).  After dinner, we got on the Animal (Bryant’s fishing boat) and we went back through the rapids into the back lagoon.  It was so pretty and remote.  Got pretty exciting getting out of the lagoon as the current was against us big time.  We got down to 4.2 feet of water with rushing water all around us.  I was calling out depths while Gar & Judy were on the bow pointing out rocks to Bill.  Quite the ride!

Monday morning we headed to Port Hardy.  There was a little fog in the Queen Charlottes Straits, but not bad.  Made it there in less than 1 ½ hours.  We fueled up at Gordy’s fuel dock and chatted awhile while waiting for our slips to open up at the marina.  Had a nice lunch, did a load of laundry at the Laundromat (good til we get home now) and then headed to Gord and Marilyn’s for dinner and party time.

So now it is Tuesday morning… the morning after a great party, so we are moving a little slow.  OK, a lot slow.   They have a beautiful home overlooking the harbor and down to their fuel dock and the ferry dock.  The yard is decorated with whimsical items and yard art.  Very cleverly done.  We had a fantastic dinner then Marilyn turned up the music and we all started dancing….It might have had something to do with Gord breaking out the Fireball for us.   Anyway, we all danced like idiots until we decided it was time to leave the mess for them to clean up and us to head to the boats and bed.

We are borrowing Gord’s truck so will do some stuff around here today and leave in the morning for Bull Harbor.  At our boat speed it is a couple hours west of here (toward Cape Scott) where we will spend a few nights at anchor or on a dock if the dock is available.  The guys will fish off the little boats a few miles from the harbor.  There is a road on the island from the dock to the other (ocean) side where there is supposed to be a great beach for pictures so Judy and I are hoping to do the hike.

You are now current unless something exciting happens today, but I don’t see that happening.


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