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Despite Garry’s disappointing finish in the Karlukwees Open, he bravely soldiered on and put it behind him so we could enjoy our last day at the Indian Villiage.  It turned out to be an off and on rainy one, but I made a huge pot of clam chowed and fried some cockles.  Yvonne had made bread and given us some so that was dinner.   We played a couple rousing games of Rummikube with Simon & Yvonne and called it a day.   We woke up of wind and rain and low low clouds… not quite fog. Gar dressed in an all white one piece suit (waterproof?).  He looked like Mr. Clean gone bad.  And he was wearing his Gorton Fisherman hat.  But he stayed dry and warm while going onshore to untie both our shore lines.

After a couple hour cruise we made it to Echo Bay just behind Bumble Bee and Another Bill.  Bill B and Judy did a halibut fish fry, with Bill L doing fries, Yvonne, Gar and I did oysters, Jan made a dessert and Bill B got Simon a little silly with some drink concoction he made for him.  It was pretty funny.  Simon not drinking is already funny.

Echo Bay was almost completely full.  There were 4 other Sonships like ours but bigger.  People always want to know which ours is and did not know they made one this small.  Gar gave Pierre the lantern and the antenna we had brought for him.   Late last night we went up and admired the lantern’s nice light out by their Pig Roast party room.   The Echo Bay store was really well stocked and arranged really well.  I only needed a couple things, but they had them.   I also got 2 loads of laundry done… almost all towels, so am good with everything for awhile.

The 4 boatloads of us will be heading elsewhere in the Broughtons today but we are not 100% sure the actual route yet.  Another Bill will be heading home around Sunday and the rest of us will be here longer.

I keep forgetting to talk about Gar’s prawn prowess!  He continues outprawning everyone but the count is down from last year.  Everyone has told us even the commercial guys did not do well this year but we got 116 nice ones here yesterday.   Froze them for home.


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