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The annual Karlukwees Open was held Saturday, July 21st, after a slight rain delay.  The reigning champion, Garry Wamsley,  was clearly off his game, placing third in the field of three.  The clear winner was Marilee Wamsley.  This was the first major career win for Marilee.  She drove straight down the beach and between two posts and into the woods.   Newcomer and rookie Simon Josowitz came in a surprising 2nd place with his first ever attempt with a golf club.  After one mulligan he soundly hit the ball with decent distance and a few hops on the water’s edge.

Former winner Garry had trouble from the beginning. His initial attempts were two complete misses of the ball; one hit that trickled a foot to the right; another miss; and then a hit that sent the ball backwards a few feet.  Finally he hit the ball the right direction but sliced it into the water.  It skipped approximately 20 times before disappearing from site.

The  evening was capped off with a ceremonial garbage burning.


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