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What Happpened??

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Awesome, then shock and disappointment and sadness!  We left Minstrel Island and made a nice leisurely 1.5 hour cruise to Karlukwees… Along the way there was a pod of at least 50 or more dolphins that were feeding, jumping and cruising.  It was really awesome.  I took a video that I need to download and see if I got any of the dolphins in it.  But then we got to Karlukwees, also known by all of us as the Indian Village.   To our amazement and dismay our pilings that we tie off of every year are gone.  Also gone is the mostly sunken barge that we tied our stern lie to.   About 4 or so years ago there were people flown in and walking around the beach when we were there and there was talk of cleaning everything out but we didn’t think too much of it.  Well, it finally happened.  Time moves on.  For all those who ever came to the Indian Village and enjoyed the good times there, be glad you were able to experience that!   Anyway, after our unexpected  surprise we went back a couple of miles to Potts Lagoon and are anchored with a stern line to shore in a nice place.   It was Friday night date night so I did the equivalent of Louie Mike’s Dragon and Phoenix…  sautéed steak bites with garlic, ginger, prawns and with a lemongrass & ginger rice dish.   Tomorrow morning at low tide we will go by dingy over to the Indian Village and try to figure out if we can anchor over there and do our annual garbage burning and the Karlukwees Open.  Gar would hate to move the golf tourney.   Jan & Bill are going to head out  fishing and then go to Sointula on Malcolm Island to catch up with the Bryants and see Logger Dan & Denise’s house.   They will catch up with us at Pierre’s at Echo Bay on Monday.

Update on Bumble Bee (Bryants).  The repair of the generator was a tad bit too much $$$ so they are borrowing a portable generator for a few weeks until they head home so it sounds like they will be joining us at Echo Bay too.

My do hickey wifi thingy ma-bob seems to work here sometimes, so hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can post this…


One thought on “What Happpened??

  1. So sorry to hear about the Indian Village. Were talking last night about all the great memories we had of the adventures there !! Good thing we have memories and the pictures !!

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