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Usually listening to XM radio in the morning is a quick couple of minutes to hear the headlines and find out nothing has changed and we are missing nothing.  Unfortunately this morning I am listening to the news of the movie theatre shooting in Colorado.  Sigh.  It really is nice to be away from most of that.  When I do have internet the headlines are the same…. Shootings, hit and runs, political garbage.  So I will entertain you with the news from here.


We had a nice time at Cordero Lodge.  It is not the same at all without Doris, Reinhardt or Kellie there but at least it is still open.  Caretakers Steve and his wife and two girls are running it this summer.  We did not meet Steve’s wife as she had to go to Campbell River for an appointment but Steve is a really nice guy.  Super friendly and welcoming.  He is the cook and did a nice job with the traditional Cordero german menu.    Doris had been hoping to come over to visit while we were there but it didn’t work out.


Good news on our freezer problem.   At Cordero Lodge there was an almost new small Kenmore freezer that was not being used, so Steve called Reinhardt and they sold it to us.  We left the old freezer there to pick up on our way back.  Since we were going to Sydney Bay next we decided to ask Dane & Helen if they would want it for anything.  Steve said if not, he would take it to Campbell River and dispose it for us!  Thank you Reinhardt and Doris!!!!


When we left Cordero Sandpiper headed to Forward Harbor hoping for a break in the winds to head up the Johnstone’s.  The rest of us left for Sydney Bay to tie up on Dane & Helen’s floats and wait for the wind break.  It blew for a couple of days so we spent two nights there.   Dane and Helen are looking great.  Helen’s new book is finally out so I bought a copy.  It is titled Rumble Seat and is about her pre-depression and post depression childhood in the Victoria BC area.  It looks great and I can’t wait to read it.  Her first book, The Inlet, is about meeting Dane and their life in Loughborough Inlet.  You should google Helen Piddington.  In addition to an author, she is a wonderful artist, having studied in Paris, and some of her artwork hangs in Canadian museums.


Wednesday we put every body on our boat and took a 3 hour cruise to the end of the inlet looking for bear (zero), whales (zero), and waterfalls (lots!).  It was a great afternoon.  We never saw any bear the whole time there but one afternoon when we weren’t looking Dane said he had 3 grizzlies out on the beach by his house.


Yesterday (Thursday) the winds had died way down so we left Sydney Bay just before 7 a.m. and had a perfect cruise in the sunshine up the Johnstone’s.  We met up with Sandpiper at Minstrel Island.  We were the last of the 4 boats to get there, only to find out that Bumble Bee had a major generator problem so they immediately for Port McNeill for repairs.   We are surrounded in the deserted marina by sailboats so we are on good behavior.  Well, as good as we can get Garry & Simon to be.  I wouldn’t let Garry start our generator until 8 this morning, so it was a late coffee morning!


As I am typing this a water taxi stopped and dropped off 3 guys in orange suits, carrying ladders and other stuff.  We think they are surveyors.  This marina has many a story behind who owns it and what they may do with it some day but it has been vacant and in disrepair for years.  Last night one of the sailboaters found some wood and was hammering over rotten boards on the ramp to make it a little safer.


Garry did something to his neck a few days ago and it has been very stiff and sore. He has been concerned that he would not be able to play in the Karlukwees (Indian Village) Open tomorrow, but he is better and his doctor (me) has cleared him to play.  He is hoping to win again.  I would not bet against it as he is often the only one playing.  In the past there has been a hotshot golfer who teed off of tree stumps while sipping Johnny Walker Black, but he withdrew from the competition, opting to boat closer to home this summer.


Today we will head to the Indian Village for 3 nights then off to Pierre’s Bay on the 23rd.  That will be our first dock with electricity since Powell River.  Our generators and batteries will be happy for the change.


**** Update:  the guys in orange are not surveyors.  They are taking pictures and pounding hammers looking for dry rot on the pilings and walkways.  We don’t know if they are with the government or the owners of the property.   May never know.   Also, sticky bun lady showed up.  There is a lady who bakes goodies and takes them to Lagoon Cove Marina to sell.  Turns out if she has extra and she sees boats here she swings in.  I bought 3 types of cookies, a couple butter tarts and a sticky bun.  Yummeeeee!


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