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Today is Monday the 16th and we are tied up at the dock at Cordero Lodge, along with Sandpiper, Another Bill and Bumble Bee.   We have had the most wonderful (almost too hot, but I would never say that!) weather for about 2 weeks now.  We left Atwood Bay on Thursday and went a whopping 18 miles or so to Ramsay Arm.  Things are pretty much the same with some logging going on near the mouth but the back where we stay is still quiet.  Some markings on trees suggest that logging will be done in the back soon, though.


On Saturday, Bill and Judy Bryant on Bumble Bee joined us.  They have friends Gordy and Marilyn from Port Hardy along with them.  We celebrated their arrival with a huge seafood dinner…. Steamers from Ramsay Arm, prawns from Atwood Bay and Ramsay, oysters from Ramsay and ling cod and red snapper from everywhere.  I am starting to miss fresh produce so Jan’s green salad was my favorite part of the meal.  Sunday morning Gar and I did a large totally unhealthy brunch for everybody.


The weather has been so hot and the water and Ramsay so warm (74 degrees) that Garry & Simon have been swimming.  Then Simon entertained us 2 nights with his eagle show.  He cleaned his fish on shore on a big rock and left the carcasses there and 2 eagles would sweep down and get them.  I took a gazillion pictures but am not able to upload here due to limited internet time.   Guess I will bore you with them later!


Late Sunday afternoon Gar decided to try kneeboarding for the first time in many years.   Bill Lande pulled him with his ‘dinghy’ while Simon spotted for him.  The rest of us got in Bill Bryant’s kicker boat to watch the show.   On the 2nd try, Gar was up and going.  He had a ball.   Simon and Bill didn’t make bets but both didn’t think it would happen!


We left Ramsay this morning to catch the slack at Yaculta, Gillard and Dent rapids and did a might fine job!  Perfect timing!


Our biggest boat problem now is that our bait freezer has quit freezing.  I is cold at the bottom but that is all.   We found out when Gar was going to surprise me with a Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait he had hidden in the freezer and the surprise was a melted one.  So we have relocated things as best we can and will just make do with the one good freezer.


Bill Lande’s motor on his pump to his vacu-flush toilet went out, but we carry a spare motor so after a couple hours of work they are back in fine shape again.


When we leave here we will be looking for a break in the bad winds in the Johnstone Straits so we can head further north.  The winds have been 25 to 45 knots for several days but are supposed to subside starting Tuesday and down nicely on Wednesday.


So that is the update for now.  Til next time……


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