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Aliens Have Garry

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Some alien being must have taken over Garry’s body! We are into our 3rd week of the trip and not at Ramsey Arm yet! Usually he gets to Sarah Point in Desolation and heads straight for Ramsey. He said he was going to take more time this year but he says that every year. He must mean it this year. Three nights at Squirrel Cove, three nights at Argh Bay and now six nights at Atwood Bay! Of course the last few at Atwood are a bit of a stall so the Bryants can catch up with us and see Ramsey, but even so, it has been a different trip from the past many years and it has been great.

I was not able to get a wifi signal with my Verizon do-hickey yesterday. I was out in the dinghy for 2 hours circling and it would come and go then I would drift past it. Frustrating! And I’m sure funny to look at. I got one phone message and sent 1 text. Yvonne and I went kayaking in the afternoon and her phone worked and I could text – again losing signal as we drifted away from it. Anyway, I am hoping to go to Homfrey Lodge today and offer them some $$ to use their wifi. Since I will be promoting their new lodge hopefully they will say yes.

We are still at Atwood Bay. Gar and I went out for a couple hours on Another Bill yesterday. They needed to empty the holding tank, so off we went up into Toba Inlet and up to a huge waterfall. Pictures do not do it justice at all! Incredible force coming off the mountain!

We are all saying Ramsey Arm for sure tomorrow. Most likely we will be there until about Monday, then on to Cordero Lodge for a nice dinner and night, then off again. If Cordero’s wifi works I will post again then.


One thought on “Aliens Have Garry

  1. Nice!!! Your grand finale had me laughing out loud.

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