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A Great Day – But First

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Sunday was a most unexpected amazing day! But first I have to catch you up. When I posted last (which was Friday and today is Monday) we were just leaving our new special anchorage which we now call Argh Bay – because we found a hand made sign that was on a tree there that called it that. Our plan was to go to Walsh Cove which is a marine park and if had too many boats we would go to plan B. While we had cell phone when we were leaving Argh Bay we found out Jan and Bill on Another Bill were across the straits of Georgia and were planning on catching us that day. We got to Walsh Cove and, no offense, it was all sailboats and all the good spots were gone so we went to plan B which was over in Homfrey Channel – It was about 7 miles away but we had anchored in the past in Atwood Bay and decided to give it a try. To our great joy, no boats were there and there was a float that did not have a NO TRESPASSING sign on it so we tied up for the night. A little ways away there is a cabin on a float that is private but we are under the impression from people we have talked to that we are OK to stay on the empty float. Another Bill got here about 4 p.m. – just before cocktail time. They had left Montague Harbor at 5:30 a.m. It was a long day for them but they had great water the whole time, so not a difficult day.

The weather has been very hot and quite hazy – almost as if there were forest fires somewhere, but we don’t have any news to let us know about that. Saturday was a lazy day. Gar put his prawn pots out and he and Simon did a little fishing. Bill & I went to Roche Harbor in their dinghy… I hate to call it that because it is much more than a dinghy. We went 30 mph and were there in 30 minutes. Got some groceries for Jan that she forgot and I made a few important phone calls and we went back to the raft. We had a nice fish fry that night to welcome Jan & Bill…. Plus she brought some of her famous potato salad. Simon tried everything to get her recipe with no luck for as many of you know, she does not share the recipe – just the food.

Speaking of Jan, she saved Simon’s life on Saturday! While Bill and I were in Refuge Cove Garry and Simon caught some fish and while Simon was cleaning his, one of the rock fish with poison pointy things on it got him in the finger. Wish I had been there to see it. His description of the ‘injury’ and Yvonne and Jan’s story are pretty good. His finger swelled up “really really bad”, almost needing medivac out if you listen to Simon. Jan said he needed hydrogen peroxide on it. Yvonne was too slow to go get hers, I guess, so Jan got hers out and put it on the “horrible wound”. I heard someone muttered that maybe Yvonne moved slowed because he was worth more dead than alive, but that can’t be proven. For anyone that knows Simon, it has been a topic of discussion every couple hours how he almost died except for Jan.

And that brings us to our unexpected wonderful day on Sunday! The first fun adventure was when Yvonne and I decided to go kayaking in the morning before it got too hot. We kayaked around to a place where Simon said he saw hummingbirds. Near there we saw a new bird this year that Yvonne found in her bird book called a Black Oystercatcher. Look them up. They are solid black with an orange beak and nest in the rocks near the water near oyster beds (duh!). Anyway, we stopped paddling and watched and saw a mommy, a daddy, and then the top of the head of a baby. They were pretty chirpy so we think they were warning the baby about us.

OK, that was pretty cool, but it gets better. After lunch we all get in our dinghies and head about 3 miles back Homfrey Channel toward Refuge Cove where we had spotted a newish looking lodge type building. We met Dave – one of the 3 brothers who own it. It is called Homfrey Lodge and has been officially open for one week as of yesterday but not completely done yet. It started out as one man’s dream to build a huge year round lodge for fishing, hunting, skiing, then it became a bank’s problem, and now it belongs to these brothers. They are Canadian, although the one we met is dual citizenship US and Canada. He worked 25 years in Portland and is recently retired. So we got the grand tour. There is a lodge with a great room. There are 2 bedroom cabins with lofts. There are single motel type rooms that share a cook house. There are tenting areas. There is a huge dock, with fresh water, there is wifi and eventually will have phone (VOIP) when a new satellite becomes active in the area. The main lodge is not done, but one of the cabins is and another is getting close. When they bought this a year ago Feb the shells of the buildings were there but nothing finished. The dock was just finished a couple of days ago. By fast boat, the lodge is about 1 hour from Lund and about 20 minutes from Refuge Cove. Check them out on Facebook and their web site, http://www.Homfrey

After we left Dave at Homfrey Lodge we slowly worked our way back toward where we were staying. There are a couple small pockets where cell phone works so Jan and Yvonne needed to make some calls. Gar and I poked along and I looked up and the third great thing of the day happened! I found pictographs on the rock walls! I’ve always called them petroglyphs but I saw in a book they are pictographs. We have seen them in other places but this was like a new discovery! I took lots of pictures. You can clearly see the depiction of fish swimming (salmon? Orcas?), people, ships and the sun. I know they have been seen by others before but to me it was like I was the first ever to see them. It was so cool! And then what was really weird was that right there we got a 3G signal on the phone, so now we know where to go to make calls. I might go there with the laptop and try to get online with my nifty do-hickey and post this update and check emails later today or tomorrow. Gar says clearly the phone would work there since that was the Indian place of communication. Makes sense?

OK, so that is 3 great things… as we continued our slow dinghy ride back Simon and Yvonne spotted a black bear on the beach. Our first bear of the year. He didn’t like us getting close and scooted away pretty fast so my pictures of him aren’t so great.
That was number 4.

Number 5 is the waterfall. We beached the dinghy by a deserted logging camp and walked up to this huge waterfall. The pictures do not do it justice. The power of the water is incredible. Two rivers converge into one and it is loud and wonderful. I did not have the best hiking shoes on so I hope we go back so I can get a better video of it. The video does a much better job of showing it off.

And that brings us to number 6! The grand finale! When we got back to our boats there was a sailboat tied up to the little floathouse that was down the bay from us. He did not appear to be one of the owners because the building door was closed. Anyway, while Gar and I were dining on the Lido Deck (the bridge) I decided to discretely get my binoculars out and see what I could see. And I saw a lot! Naked man! Woo hoo! First it was just a man sitting without a shirt on but then he stood up and faced me… no mistaking the lack of clothes. Yvonne quickly got out her binoculars too and caught the same view I did. Ahhh, what a way to end the day!


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