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The weather is finally great!   We have had several days where it teased us with some blue sky for a few moments, but then the rains were back.  I am writing this on Thursday, July 5th, and it is a spectacular day. 


When we left Squirrel Cove the plan was to try to get into a little nook that we found a several years ago, but there is always someone there already.  It is just across the channel from Prideaux Haven so that was Plan B.   But Plan A worked!   It is a great private spot.  We can see boats going in and out of Prideaux and last night we took our dinghies over and went all through Prideaux and Melanie Cove.


This is our third day in this spot.  We have had  fresh ling cod and red snapper, fresh oysters, and tonight fresh steamer clams.  The only thing missing is crab, but that is not in this area.


Phone signal is interesting.   When the tide is high, I get messages telling me I have a message, but not enough signal to retrieve them, so we hop in the dinghy and got out a ways to a stronger signal.


When we leave here tomorrow we head to Walsh Cove.  It it looks good we will spend a night there and then on to Ramsey Arm for several days.  We will  go slow enough tomorrow to have a signal long enough so I can post this because there will be no signal until we leave Ramsey.


Gar has been super busy with electrical projects on the boat.  He has put in a new 110 outlet on the back deck for the deep fryer.  He also put a new 110 outlet below the tv in the main salon and brought the incoming cable for the tv to that location.  Sounds easy but on a boat nothing is easy!  There is alot of crawling around in tight places and swearing and a general mess.  Today is clean up the mess day and then he is going fishing.  Yvonne and I are going to go kayaking today and explore the shoreline.


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