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Squirrel Cove – sun and rain

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We  fueled up in Powell River Saturday morning before heading out to a new location.  Originally we were going to leave Friday, but it was super windy that day along with some rain off and on, so we stayed another night.  We took on 251 gallons of fuel at $1.26 per liter.  That is just under $4.80 a gallon.  We should be good for a long time now.  When we left Powell River it was raining, and got clearer and nicer the run to our destination of Squirrel Cove to meet up again with Simon & Yvonne.  And our alternator seems to be working great!


So, we have been at anchor, rafted next to Simon & Yvonne since Saturday.  Squirrel Cove is an extremely popular Marine Park anchorage so it is weird to see only about 12-15 boats here.  But the weather is not so hot, the economy definitely not so hot and it is a little early in the boating season.  Yvonne told me that one time in August they ducked in here because of horrible weather and there were 112 boats in here.  You must have been able to walk from one to the other without getting your feet wet.  We are planning on leaving tomorrow– we have a couple destinations in mind but nothing firm.  But it won’t be a long day; just a short putt to a new location and view.  I have been listening to a Campbell River radio station and they say the weather is to start clearing on Wed and by this weekend the temps should be 27 to 29 degrees Celsius.  I had to get my conversion cheat sheet out to see that means 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yay!!!


Indoor projects are on the agenda today.   Gar is wiring in a couple switches and plugs that might come in useful.  I am cooking up the fresh mushrooms that froze in the fridge.  My tomato froze, too.  And my peppers.  I turned the temp down but everything still keeps on freezing.  Oh, well.


Yesterday we took the dinghies over to the dock at Squirrel Cove and went through the store and then went to the Farmers Market.  There were 4 tables of things and the guys were bummed because the advertised table of good tools, etc., was a no show.  They consoled themselves by buying huge homemade cookies and brownies.  The store is really stocked well.  Great produce and just an all around good selection of things.  Before we leave here we will take our garbage over for drop-off.  It is an honor system to leave it there and is worth a small price to get it all off the boat.


When we leave here we may not be where there is a signal for my internet for awhile, so this might be my last post for a week or so.  Hope you all have a great 4th of July.  We had Canada Day up here yesterday.


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