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Picture This


Yesterday I was unable to upload any pictures so will try today with a better signal.  I took a few pictures while in Pender Harbor and some while in Montague.

Hummingbird Pub Bus

Right now we are sitting in the Westview Harbor Marina… very cloudy and windy today.  Yesterday was lots of rain but now wind.

We had a great dinner last night at a place called Snickers.  Their sign said Steakhouse and Pizza, but we both had Greek food and it was really good.  A pod of orcas came through just off the marina as we were eating dinner.  At least one was a baby.

This came by us at Pender Harbor. They asked for martinis.

We are hoping the alternator problem is better.  Something about a black wire.  Anyway, it works good in the marina.  Fingers crossed that it works on the water!

What is left of Wally’s dock and boathouse.


3 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. I thought you were on vacation, when we are on vacation we sleep in past 8 AM. Hope everything works good the rest of the trip.

  2. We try, but it just doesn’t work. But I am in my jammies and enjoying coffee and thinking of working on breakfast. That makes it vacation!

  3. Really sad to see what is left of “Wally’s dock”
    We remember some good times partying there!

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