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Well, Ah Do Declah, Miss Scarlet!


Strong reminder.   Be sure to declare everything when clearing customs in Canada.  We cleared at Bedwell Harbour this year and there were a couple of nice (cute, too!) Customs officers inspecting the boat across the dock from us.  Then they decided to come visit our boat.  In addition to our allowed alcohol we had not declared a partial box of wine, the triple sec (I always forget it is alcohol), 2 ears of corn, a few potatoes.   But it was enough that they decided to go through the whole boat – for 1 ½ hours.  We got a ‘serious verbal warning’ to just simplify things for us and them to declare everything, even if it is not allowed.   And they nicely let us keep our extra..


This was on Tuesday afternoon.  It was getting late and we had decided to skip Ganges and go to Montague Harbour – a first for us.  The Straits of Georgia looked like they would be fairly good for crossing on Wednesday and from Montague it is a short run to Porlier Pass and into the straits.   We have heard about a fun touristy activity in Montague so decided to try it out.   You ride in an old bus called the Hummingbird Bus to the Hummingbird Pub and Inn, eat a ride back.  The bus trip is what we have heard so much about but the 1940’s or older original bus had been retired and the bus driver was a substitute so some of the singing and other stuff never happened.  But the food at the pub was great so we were happy with the adventure.


We left Wednesday morning just after 5:00 a.m. to cross the straits to Pender Harbor and meet up with friends Simon and Yvonne on the Sandpiper.  The crossing was not the best but definitely not the worse we have ever had.  I ran the boat the whole way with an occasional surfing on a wave.   I would not have wanted to be going the other way.  We got across with nothing breaking and no splashing on the railings or windows.  That is always a plus!


Pulling into Pender Harbor we cruised by our friend Wally’s house and dock.  It is so sad to see.  Wally is up there in years and this is their summer home.  It really needs some work and his dock is almost gone and it looked like his boathouse had sunk.  We have many happy memories of staying on his dock and spending time with him and his family up on their deck.


We rafted off of Sandpiper in the back bay about 10:30 a.m.  All of plans on what we were going to do went by the wayside because our new alternator quit working on the way across so we spent a lot of time on the phone with people trying to figure out what is going wrong and what to do.   I found an electrical place in Westview/Powell River which is about 2 to 3 hours by boat from where we are in Pender.  They said they could rebuild them so the plan was to go there Thursday.


Which brings us to now.  We left Pender Harbor at 7:00 this morning and had a nice ride to Westview Harbor Marina.  Gar took the alternators down the road and they were tested and surprise, surprise, they are both fine!   So, that means it is something electrical in the boat.  We just had lunch and Gar is back in the engine room working on trying to figure everything out.   He decided that since he saved money by not needing the have the alternators rebuilt that we would go to dinner tonight.  Yay!  That is always nice!


To any of you fellow boaters, Westview has done a major overhaul.  They added to the breakwater on the south side and added more transient moorage.   They also completely remodeled the permanent north part of the marina.  The service here is super friendly and accommodating.  We had not been here in over 15 years so this is a nice surprise.


Anyway – all things going to plan, we will leave in the morning for Desolation Sound.  More to post then, I am sure!


3 thoughts on “Well, Ah Do Declah, Miss Scarlet!

  1. It sounds like you’re having fun despite the problem with the boat generator/wiring problem. It’s nice that you’re meeting up with your friends, too. We continue to enjoy your posts.

  2. We enjoy the play by play . On à local note we cant decide whether to fill up on the $3.41 diesel or wait til it drops some more. You left à week too early. Have fun

  3. I just hope Garry has trouble with his prawning equipment so he can’t scrape the area clean of all prawns before we get there.
    However, I am sorry to hear about your alternating problems. Low batteries can be a real problem with our electronic controls.

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