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Perfect (Almost) Day One

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Day One of our trip could not have gone better if I had planned it.  Oh, wait!  I DID plan it!  Well, Garry picked the day to leave and that helped.  But my proposed departure time to use favorable currents was perfect.   We pulled out of our slip at 9:32 a.m. right at slack tide.  The tide had changed 10 minutes earlier so we ran with the tides and currents almost all day.   Bill Lande, in Another Bill, traveled along with us.  He was towing his 17 footer so he didn’t mind going our slow speed.   The Straits of Juan de Fuca were so calm, with only about a 2 to 5 knot wind and no swells.  I don’t remember a crossing with no swells, but we hit the straits at slack tide so it was perfect.  We pulled into Garrison Bay on San Juan Island at 5:45.  


Now comes the only bad part of the trip.   We had noticed our port engine alternator was not alternating at the right voltage.  That was the one that we had to replace last year on day one of vacation.  Well, when we were attempting to dock, we lost the port engine and had to do a ‘go round’.  I started the generator and we were able to dock just fine.   In retrospect we think the alternator had not been right for awhile but we ignored the symptoms.   We are staying on a friends dock, so Garry & Bill borrowed his truck and are in Friday Harbor now getting us a new alternator.  Strangely, Bill had an alternator problem yesterday too, but he figured his out and does not need to buy a new one. 


The wind picked up as soon as we docked and we had a little shower, but then the night settled beautifully.  Bill’s wife Jan won’t be coming up to Garrison til Friday but she send a wonderful casserole for our dinner and Gar grilled yummy corn on the cob so we had a great first night.


We are talking about clearing customs today and getting an early start across the Straits of Georgia Wednesday morning.  It is suppose to be fairly decent in the morning and not as good on Thursday or Friday so we want to get across.  This coming weekend is Canada Day weekend so there will be lots of boats out and we want to get somewhere away from towns and get a good anchorage somewhere for the weekend.


One thought on “Perfect (Almost) Day One

  1. It sounds like you’re doing really well. I’m enjoying hearing about your trip. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    Sandy & Dave

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