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Crunch Time is Here!


It’s that time of year again… a million gazillion things to do before we leave on our summer boating trip.  It’s definitely crunch time.  We are leaving Monday morning, June 25th, around 9:30 a.m.   The last few weeks have been crazy with all the normal things that go on, and then you top it off with boat repairs, boat  packing, food planning, bill paying, stopping the mail, stopping the garbage… the list is endless!

It’s interesting to see the differences in how Garry and I get ready for trips with the boat trip a prime example.  I understand it may not just be us, but it may be more of a gender trait issue.   I tend to want to make lists and plan way in advance so I can sit back and be ready to go.  And if there is a major glitch in my planning, then there is time to regroup and go to plan B.   Gar is more of a “I have lots of time” guy and then the crunch time gets pretty frantic.   We had a friendly discussion about this last week and things have gone fairly smoothly since then, if you catch my drift.   A prime example was the dinghy motor.  Last year we had some issues with it but did not do anything all winter.   It took 2 days to finally decide it was not going to be worth wasting any more time on it this year so now we have the old motor back on.   But it runs fine so all is good.  It just is not a 50 h.p. motor so any racing challenges that Gar has already made may not end the way he would like!

Our plan is to be gone until mid-August.  As usual we will meet up from time to time with boating friends – especially from our good old Des Moines Yacht Club.   I will be posting to the Blog whenever I can.   I don’t know if you remember when I posted in March at the Nascar race about borrowing a little doo-hickey for my computer so I could have internet wherever there was a Verizon signal.   Well, I bought myself one of those doo-hickeys so I will have some internet in places I have not had them before, but it still won’t be all the time since we don’t have phone signal everywhere, but it will be an improvement.    I just have to be careful using the nifty little device when in Canada as there are pretty steep roaming charges.   If we are where there is free wifi, I will use that instead.

Somebody asked my yesterday why we go to Canada every year and specifically why we go to that part of Canada.   Well, it was pretty easy to explain – at least for me.   It is some of the most gorgeous country you could ever see.   We go to fairly remote areas so we see few people and few boats and hardly a home.  There is the occasional little marina and some areas with some cabins or homes on floats but there are no roads to get to most of the places.  It is all via float plane, water taxi or personal boat.  We have met some wonderful people while boating up north (and some not so wonderful!) which is all part of the adventure.  It is peaceful, relaxing and your mind can just turn off and not worry so much about the stock market, the economy, the elections.

Being gone so long you do miss family and friends back home.  Birthdays, anniversaries, bbqs – all that good stuff.   Plus we always worry a bit about our moms while we are gone.  They both are doing great but it just kinda sits in the back of your mind.   And of course, the past several months I have been stockpiling my “Grandma Time”  with Natalie.  I cannot begin to imagine how much she will change while we are gone.  I just hope she remembers me and wants “Grandma Time” again this fall!

So, here I am, pretty organized, so I have enough time to post this!  Just the last laundry to do tonight and last minute clean the food out of the fridge…  I hope you read the blog from time to time.   I love comments from people after they had read something that they enjoyed.


8 thoughts on “Crunch Time is Here!

  1. have a wonderful time!

  2. Have an awesome time!

  3. Have a great time and stay safe!!

  4. No need to call me now as you have filled in answers to any of my questions. Have a wonderful time and don’t waste time worrying about this Mom as I am doing great. Love you both…Mom

  5. Have a wonderful trip! Sandy & Dave

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