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Vegas Adventure Begins

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Well, we are successfully set up on the infield at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.   Here is how it all happened.  Last summer we learned that boating friends Logger Dan & his wife Denise were going to go to the race and be on the infield.  Bill & Judy Bryant were going to stay with them.  Well, that got Gar all excited and next thing you know we are going also.   Logger Dan is friends with Kasey Kahne’s dad and Gar is a huge Kahne fan, so it was meant to happen.

We have been to Daytona twice and California Speedway once, but never on the infield.  It is quite the experience.   Our tickets let us be here from Monday til noon the Monday after the race.  There are hundreds and hundreds of RVs of all shapes and sizes.  With the ticket package we have grandstand seats for Saturday’s Nationwide race, but we watch the Sunday race from our motorhomes.  You really can only

New friends helping with viewing platform

see a small portion from there so  many people build viewing platforms on top of their rvs.  There are all sorts of rules on what you can and cannot do.  For example, nothing can touch the ground.  That would require a building permit.  The base of your structure cannot be more than 12 inches high and there must be a railing all the way around.

We got here Tuesday and Logger Dan and Denise showed up about 2 hours after us.  After many trips to Lowes Gar and Dan started constructing our platform on Wednesday.   Dan was waiting for Bill and Judy to show up on Thursday before he started his.

We are right next to Nellis AFB so there are lots of fighter jets coming and going; the Stealth Bomber shows up from time to time; and the Thunderbirds were practicing on Wednesday for their show over the raceway this weekend.  It gets pretty noisy and exciting.

You may wonder what we do about water and full holding tanks.  Well, there are companies that drive around and for a fee ($$$$!) will pump your tanks, fill your tanks, sell you propane.  You can also buy bagged ice.  So we are pretty set.

All our neighboring rvs are very friendly.  We are in the second row right behind turn 3.  If they show any pictures, the rv right in front of us on the turn has a large cutout of Kyle Busch on top of his rv.  Otherwise we are just one of the many crammed in..  but we will wave for you!

Others coming to join us are Bill & Jan Lande.. They arrive today sometime and are staying in a motel.  Good friend Brian Halvorsen arrived Wednesday night but we haven’t seen him.  He is staying on the strip and will join us today.  He did the Vegas thing yesterday.  He joined the  Kyle Busch slot tourney at the Riviera and made it to the top 16, won $ and got to shake Kyle’s hand.  If it was me, I would have quickly washed my hand, but he had a great time.

Kasey Kahne's car #5 Farmers Insurance

Some time this morning Dan and Denise are meeting up with friends who got them hot pit credentials and are going to take them on a tour of the garages and pits.

Qualifying starts this morning so things will be loud soon.   The Nationwide race is noon on Saturday, the Sprint Cup race is 2:00 on Sunday but we need to remember daylight savings time.

On a side note regarding those winds on Monday – Dan met a guy who had a brand new truck that had to get a new windshield from all the sand pitting.  Guess his new paint job didn’t do so well either.   Just after we crossed the Hoover Dam area, I-95 and I-93 were both closed for a few hours due to wind and dust.

Will post more probably Sunday – possibly tomorrow…


One thought on “Vegas Adventure Begins

  1. Wow, it sounds exciting and fun. Glad you’re having a good time.

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