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Wild Wamsley Weather

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We have done it again! We continue the Wamsley tradition of crazy weather wherever we go! It doesn’t happen every day but often enough that people think we take it with us.

We left Yuma to head to Peoria for a Mariner’s spring training game on Monday. It was a great game against the Padres. Everyone at the game was friendly, helpful and we had a great time. But upcoming weather reports were ‘interesting’ so we left early and headed to Kingman. We stayed at a great RV Park and after some laundry and a rv wash this morning we headed to Las Vegas with predictions of lots of wind.

White knuckled and sweaty hands (me) and not worried (Gar) we drove to Vegas. Winds were about 50 mph as we crossed the Hoover Dam route. We found out later today there were power outages and the highway to Laughlin was closed for awhile due to sand storms.

Got to Vegas about noon…Checked into our RV place then drove to the Speedway to check out our infield RV spot. That was a great idea because now we know what to expect tomorrow when we go in for the rest of the week.

Anyway, Las Vegas went from 82 degrees to the current 59 with tomorrow’s high predicted of 54. Winds hit from 60 to 70 mph. Flights were delayed for hours at the airport and due to sand storms and poor visibility. There were times we could barely see one block today.

They say we may have some rain tonight. Hmmm. It must be us.

We went to dinner at the bar/restaurant attached to our rv park. The cook was sick (went home early… not feeling good from her hysterectomy)… the head bartender was in a car accident today so not there. One girl did the bar, the food, and everything else. Now it was a small place, but still… she did a great job. She offered one NY steak option and nothing else. It was great. She gave us the military ‘discount and comp’d a drink for us.

We are heading pretty early for the race track in the morning. We will probably have no wifi unless I can hack into someone. So until after the race you won’t hear from me..


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