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We woke up an hour early forgetting about the time difference being back on PDT.  It is 37 degrees out, and with a windchill it is 27 degrees and rain threatening at the Motor Speedway.  That is to be short lived.  It is still windy, but only gusting to 35 mph today, then better tomorrow…..we hope….

Just saw on the news that the people who started camping early at the Speedway had flying port-a-pottys all over the place.  One is still unaccounted for.  We are glad we stayed at the Hitching Post RV park about 1 mile away.  We will head down mid-day to set up camp.



One thought on “Brrrrr

  1. Flying port-a-potty’s?! You’re not in Kansas anymore…
    This morning 27 degrees, no wind. Have a great time at the race.

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