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Windy Yuma

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We are in sunny but windy Yuma.  It is fairly cool – only up to 69 today, but is to start warming up on Sunday (the day we leave).  We left Lake Havasu and the Landes on Wednesday.  There was so much good news that day that outweighed the bad!

The cause of the leak

The fuel leak is completely fixed!   Yay!   The bad news is that now we can fill the tank to the top it is a shock to the system to see the tab for almost 50 gallons of gas.  More good news!   The door seems to be staying closed as we bee bop around corners at death defying speeds.  No more bungee cord holding the door closed.   And the side mirror on the passenger side is holding its position.

By the time we got to Yuma it was evening.  We had decided to stay at the Caravan Oasis RV Resort that our friends Dick & Davie have stayed at for years.  They sold their place last year, but we have been here before and it is close to stores and to McQuades.

So, we get set up, bbq dinner and doing fine until I try to do dishes.  What?  No hot water?  Argh…Gar checked outside where the igniter place is and the wires are melted.  So, it becomes a Thursday project and no shower Thursday morning.  Makes me not a happy camper.

Imagine our surprise when we go to the office Thursday morning to register and we see Dick playing volleyball!   Well, I was shocked, but Gar thought they were renting a place here and sure enough he was right.  Gotta give him credit when that happens!   Dick was totally shocked to see us!

Because we are staying for several days in Yuma we decided to rent a car to get to the events and places on our list, so Thursday morning I called Enterprise and they came and picked me up (just like the commercial).  Gar was going to work on the hot water problem while I was gone.  Well, I got back and there is Dick visiting and they tell me to go ahead and do the dishes.  I turn on the water and it is hot!  Turns out the whole problem was a miscommunication between the rv and us.  We had hooked up to city water for the first time instead of using the pump and there is some sort of shutoff that we haven’t found yet that tells the rv not to access the hot water.  In other words, it was working the whole time but we didn’t know that..   Gar did replace the wires and connectors though, since they didn’t look safe.

We have a list of things to do on Thursday.  Got to the huge swap meet was tops on Garry’s list.  Then we looked up a guy named Hans.  We have never met Hans (not the one in Bullhead City – a different one).  This Hans is an expert on Tohatsu motors and last year he was the ‘go to’ guy who helped over the phone with problems we were having with our motor.  The Tohatsu is a 50 hp motor for our tender to our big boat.  Anyway, we found Hans and gave him a belated thank you gift of wine.  We then headed to Dick and Davie’s for cocktails and then headed to our place.

Backtracking a bit, when we originally decided to come to Yuma it was because we heard about this huge car show this weekend, Midnight At The Oasis.. Car parade, show, bands…A huge 3 day event.  Mike McQuade is going to have his Merc in the parade and show.   We had debated on staying in the rv next door to Mike’s at his brothers’s place, but thought it might be easier to do the RV park because Mike & Bette were having lots of company for the car show, but we called them last night and went up to visit for awhile and they insisted that they were expecting us up there, so we are moving later today.  We leave with that group this afternoon in a 12 person van to go to the parade, then we go out to dinner.  Should be fun times!

Bar in the Desert with Landes and Keenans


One thought on “Windy Yuma

  1. Glad all your RV Gremlins are fixed – let the good times roll! No pity for windy and 69, we’ve got windy and 41….Simon and Yvonne

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