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Day 3

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Good morning. This will be quick because we are hitting the road early. We got out of town on Tuesday at 11:30 and made it to Myrtle Creek, Oregon… 369 miles.. Yesterday was a long day.. 522 miles. We spent last night in Chowchilla, Calif, missing our goal of Bakersfield by a long shot.

Got a phone call or two yesterday from the Keenans, who are on a car road trip. They were about 75 miles ahead of us yesterday morning and were going to try for Bakersfield too, but probably didn’t make it. We will see them this weekend at Lake Havasu.

Adventures to tell when I have time. We no longer have a step to the motorhome door. Well, we do. It just isn’t attached anymore thanks to a Chevron station. Also we have a fuel leak in our filler part of the fuel system, so the tank doesn’t leak but when we fill there is some leaking. Freaked out Oregon fuel pumpers where they still have to pump for you. We hope to make it to Havasu before fixing as it will mean removing the fuel tank.

Other than that, no excitement. I checked out some audio books from the library and are almost at the end of a 12 cd book, The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer. That really helps the miles pass faster!

More later…


One thought on “Day 3

  1. Sounds like a regular National Lampoon Wamsley Vacation!
    Love the posts, make us laugh, keep them coming!
    Simon and Yvonne

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