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1,468 – That’s how many miles from home to Lake Havasu. I am sitting in Lake Havasu at Starbucks finally with some wifi, catching up on emails and local Seattle news. We have been staying in the motorhome parked next to our friends (the Landes) house they are renting. It is a great house; the only drawback is no internet.

This post may be abit long since I don’t know when I will post again. Bear with me!
We made it to Bullhead City, Az just in time for my birthday on the 23rd. Thanks to everyone for the e-cards and phone calls! We spent a fun night eating, drinking and gambling at the Riverside casino – actually made $60 and Gar lost $0. We had a great little spot on the river at Davis Camp county park. The next day we drove up and visited our property. We were pleasantly surprised how few places are up for sale. Most for sale signs were on vacant lots, not on homes.

But I must back up. Remember how I mentioned before that our friends, the Keenans, were about 50 miles ahead of us. Well, that continued for 3 days. They finally stopped for about 30 minutes so we could catch up at a rest stop just before Needles Calif. They headed on to Lande’s place when we head to Bullhead.

Back to Bullhead… So on Friday we parked for awhile on our property and napped in the sun. At my request Gar had bought tickets for the Mickey Gilley performance that night; then we heard that he had had a stroke but it was still a good show. A little nervous we went to the show. Well, it wasn’t a stroke. He fell a couple years ago and broke 4 bones in his back and is not able to stand long and not able to play the piano yet but it was a fun show and we are glad we went to it. We dry camped in the casino parking lot just for the experience..

We left Saturday morning; stopping by Gar’s classmate Han’s place but he was not home so we started heading to Havasu. Along the way we found a boat and car show in Needles on the river. Ran into boat racers who knew people we knew and ran into someone who knew us. It was lots of fun. Then back on the road to Havasu.

We have spent the last few days at Lande’s place. Keenans just left this morning for Las Vegas, but while we were all together that was lots of food, drinks and fun. Yesterday Bill drove us to Bar In the Desert outside of Parker, Az. Google it! It is an old copper mine that someone turned into a bar in the ’80’s. It is only open on weekends, from about 10 a.m. to dusk. It is solar powered – no electricity as we know it. It is packed all the time and we had a ball. The road to it is dusty and primitive. We were glad Bill drove! Motorhome would not have made it.

Since we’ve been to Havasu Gar has repaired the step to the rig that the Chevron station took out. He repaired the side view mirror that kept pivoting. We think he repaired the door to the motorhome that would swing open while we were driving even though the door was locked (big oops!) Today he is trying to figure out how to repair the gas intake leak because the RV repair place in town has never attempted it before and wanted $100 per hour to try. When Jan and I left for Starbucks Garry and Bill were cutting into the floor of the bathroom to try to get to things. Can’t wait to see what there will be when we get back.

Depending on today’s repairs we will know when we leave for Yuma. We are hoping to be there this weekend to go to a car show and say hi to some friends before we head to Las Vegas for the Nascar race. The way things are in Daytona, it might end up being the first race of the season!

So, you are now current. We are soooo sorry to be missing the snow in Seattle! Guess we will have to suffer the sun!


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Day 3

Good morning. This will be quick because we are hitting the road early. We got out of town on Tuesday at 11:30 and made it to Myrtle Creek, Oregon… 369 miles.. Yesterday was a long day.. 522 miles. We spent last night in Chowchilla, Calif, missing our goal of Bakersfield by a long shot.

Got a phone call or two yesterday from the Keenans, who are on a car road trip. They were about 75 miles ahead of us yesterday morning and were going to try for Bakersfield too, but probably didn’t make it. We will see them this weekend at Lake Havasu.

Adventures to tell when I have time. We no longer have a step to the motorhome door. Well, we do. It just isn’t attached anymore thanks to a Chevron station. Also we have a fuel leak in our filler part of the fuel system, so the tank doesn’t leak but when we fill there is some leaking. Freaked out Oregon fuel pumpers where they still have to pump for you. We hope to make it to Havasu before fixing as it will mean removing the fuel tank.

Other than that, no excitement. I checked out some audio books from the library and are almost at the end of a 12 cd book, The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer. That really helps the miles pass faster!

More later…

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Day One

Day one of our adventure.  I bet you are all wondering how far we got today.   Garry wanted to get into California.  I was hoping for past Portland.   Well, I must admit that we are spending our first night in the very nice accommodations of OUR HOME!   Yes, you guessed it!  If you know us at all you know we are behind schedule. 

Yesterday Garry finally installed the new water pump in the motorhome so now we can wash dishes (woo hoo!) and flush the toilet and shower (real woo hoo!).  Then he started installing the new inverter that I thought was already installed.  And all this is the day before we were going to leave.  

Finally got to the point where I could start loading stuff today, but I managed to convince Garry that we would not be leaving at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday like he thought. We agreed (through negotiation that I won) that we would leave until we are actually loaded and ready. 

So, the good news is that I have one more night in my nice and comfy bed.  I will do the last laundry of our favorite clothes that MUST go with us; run the dishwasher for the last time;  get the garbage out  and ask the kids to take in the empties after we are gone…..etc. etc. etc.

Oh, by the way, he just informed me that he wants to change the oil in the motorhome in the morning before we leave.  “It will only take 15 minutes.”  Right.

Stay tuned for the next episode of our trip.   I hope it is worth more reading than Day One!


Garry’s Project

Sharon Lee

You all know how Garry likes to keep busy, so I thought I would share a little of one of his many winter projects.  A few months ago he decided to start restoring his very first boat, the Sharon Lee – a 1976 24′ Bell Boy.  This boat has made many a successful crossing of the Westport Bar searching for the elusive salmon and has had many an adventure in the San Juans, the Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound.

The restoration project is turning out to be a bit more than anticipated but he seems to be enjoying it.   After completely gutting the boat, he is now in the process of starting to put things back together.   Thanks to our many boating friends there is an abundance of help and advice.

As you can see by the two pictures, there is a bit of work to do.  The goal is to have the boat done by this summer so some of the kids and/or friends are able to tow it to Canada and do some fishing with us while we are up north.

While doing this post I’ve been trying to figure out what I have been doing wrong in prior posts when adding pictures.   It’s a bit more complicated than I first thought but I might have it figured out now.

Hey!  Maybe I will add a 3rd picture just to test myself.


Road Trip Coming Soon

I think it is time to dust off my blogging skills before we leave on our next trip.  It is so much easier to try to figure things out on the computer at home with it’s super fast speed rather than the notebook with slow speed and much frustration.   I am going to try to figure out what my problem has been when trying to post more than one picture, so don’t be surprised if you see some random things over the next week or so.

For those of you who know what Pinterest is, you will see a little link on the right side that you can click on if you want to follow me on Pinterest.  It is a really fun, addictive virtual pinboard where people can share things they find on the web.   I can download my pictures easily to Pinterest and you can see more of them on the “Boards”  I have.   I’ve started a couple just for fun – again – to try to teach myself about the process.

We are hoping to leave in a couple weeks and head south to warmer places.   We plan on stopping to say ‘hi’ to our property in Bullhead City, then head to Lake Havasu to visit friends… After that we will wander to Yuma to see more friends and a great car show, and last we will head to Las Vegas to the March Sprint Cup Nascar race.  We have infield parking for our little motorhome so this will be quite the experience.  We’ve been to a few Nascar races before but never by motorhome.  After Vegas we will be heading home.

I’ll be chatting again soon when I work on my picture posting skills (or lack of!)