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Our goal for Saturday night was to find a nice place on the river to boondock away from everyone else and have a nice bonfire.   We wandered down a narrow river access road just north of a little town called Happy Camp and found the perfect spot.  It was right by a little launch area people who might launch a small inflatable for fishing or river rafting.   There was one motorhome tucked back in the trees but we never saw anyone.   The bonus was being so close to Happy Camp gave us cell phone and XM radio so we got to listen to the Huskies and Cougs.  Well, we listened  until it was too sad, so we switched to Garry’s favorite channel – Willie’s Place.  Boondocking managed to show us that we still have some motorhome issues.   The inverter works well when you don’t care, but when you want to make coffee or toast in the morning it runs for a few minutes then shuts off.  Bummer.

I was extremely disappointed in myself the next morning.  I am known at home as the Marina Lady because I know everything that goes on.  Well, I slept through someone driving down to launch something Sunday morning.  There were tire tracks where they turned around right up by our campfire… just a few feet from us… and I never work up.   Sheesh!

Anyway, Sunday was more driving along the beautiful Kalamath River.  We were listening off and on to the Seahawk game on XM radio and then Garry decided to take a river access road down to where we would have some lunch.   Well, it was beyond white knuckle getting to the bottom of the hill.   In hindsight I should have walked back up rather than ride, but we made it.  And it was really a great spot for lunch.

Unfortunately, as the day went on we got closer to civilization and more traffic.   We hit Hwy 101 around 3 p.m. and continued on to Crescent City.   The weather has continued to be gorgeous and looks like it will be cooler but sun most of Monday and Tuesday.   The goal is to be at Depoe Bay tonight and home on Tuesday.

Remember that leftover Mexican food from Friday night?  Well, it fed us for another lunch and another dinner.  Yummm.

Lunch site on Sunday


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