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Yreka on Date Night


Life continues to be an adventure while on the road.  Gar cleverly repaired the poopie problem, but used up most of our fresh water while testing for leaks.  I mentioned (more than once) we might want to add water, but no, that was not what happened.  What did happen was I made him take the first shower in the morning and of course we were out of water.   Which had shut off the hot water tank.   He learned that part after going outside in the icy morning to put water in, and get back in the shower to have only cold water.   So, we hit the road toward Klamath Falls and after a beautiful drive along the lake and then up into the hills we pulled over for lunch and were able to take nice warm showers.  He finally agreed with my observation that the motorhome water tank is much smaller than the boat one.  By about 200 gallons!

On the boat I am the primary navigator and I usually do that with the RV.   I plotted this great side road – Hwy 66 – from Klamath Falls over to I-5 where we would have a short hop to the California border and on to Yreka for the night.   It was a really gorgeous drive, but the last 10 miles were downhill switchbacks.   I am a white-knuckle back seat driver- especially on roads like that.   The good news was that I was on the side not looking over sheer cliffs down into never never land.  And Gar drove slowly so I didn’t freak out too much.  Great weather and little traffic made it tolerable.

We got to Yreka about 2 p.m. and hit a few stores including gas and propane.   We stayed last night at a nice rv park that was a short walk to the recommended Mexican restaurant for our Friday date night.   We had great food and a fun time but have enough leftovers to last us til we get home!

Today we are going to leave late morning and take the scenic byway along the Klamath River over to the California coast.  We will probably boondock along the river tonight, then hit the coast tomorrow some time.  The weather continues to be awesome.  Low 70’s yesterday most of the day.  It is sunny and clear this morning and hope the drive along the river is as pretty as we remember.

Probably no wifi for a day or two so no more adventures til then.

Bonfire Thursday night


2 thoughts on “Yreka on Date Night

  1. Sounds like so much fun….well except the water stuff….that would suck, but being right always eases the pain ; )

  2. Yes, I seam to remember that someone was always afraid to get to close to the edge on the roads in Ecuador. Absolutely would not look towards the edge of the road.

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