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RV? Boat? It’s All The Same


I am so not happy.  I just spent 45 minutes writing on the blog and then it disappeared.  So now I am starting over and it won’t be nearly as good.

Boating and RV-ing are very much alike except with an RV you don’t worry about rough water or an anchor dragging.  Other than that it is really the same.   Like boating you have to figure out a route.  One of our goals is to use few freeways, so heading to Oregon, just before Vancouver we cut east along the Columbia River Gorge.   It really is a nice drive – at least until we hit (literally) the Hood River Bridge.  Thank goodness the brigdge was having repairs done and we were only going about 2 mph but it is a very very narrow bridge and when the opposing traffic is a semi you have a tendency to move to the right.   That move resulted in a loud screeching noise and two people looking at each other with wide eyes.   Once we got across the bridge and were able to pull over we were able to determine that one of the hub caps is slightly narrower than it was earlier in the day.

We continued on and on a whim to a side road to Kah-nee-ta Indian Resort/Casino/RV Park.   It was very pretty but seriously overpriced but it was getting late so we stayed.   Free cable tv got us energized into hooking tv up and watching our usual Wednesday night shows.

We took off this morning around 10:00.  It is beautiful plateau driving and warm days (mid 60’s).   Unfortunately, like a boat, things break.   We had just repaired our black water/grey water leaking at the drain site, but it started up again…   Oopsy poopsy.   So we stopped at several places to buy parts to repair it again.  As I am typing I hear Garry with a saw cutting black pipe to repair things.  Sure hope it works.  I don’t think my bladder will last all night!

We are about 80 miles north of Klamath Falls at a great RV park.  Free wifi, cable, and a fire pit so we can have a fire tonight after repairs are done.  It is supposed to get down to the mid 20’s tonight.   At least our furnace works good.

One of the problems we have is that we do not use the RV often we forget how to work things like the GPS and it doesn’t help that someone (Theresa? Jason?) changed the language to Spanish.  But I have it back in English and even discovered it has a feature to find RV parks.  We checked out 5 different ones today until we found the one we liked.

So, I am going to try to upload a couple pictures, then work on some dinner.  More later.

Mt. Jefferson


4 thoughts on “RV? Boat? It’s All The Same

  1. Well, the view is gorgeous even if Garry is doing repairs. We will all drink to a better day of RVing tomorrow.

  2. Hi,
    We sure enjoyed reading your blog entry – you’re a great writer. Looking forward to hearing more.

    Sandy & Dave

  3. I am sure fixing a RV costs less then a hole in the water does. Enjoy the coast and life.

    Howard & Tanya

  4. Ok, changing the GPS to Spanish is a little funny!


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