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Passing on the gremlins

Dang, we are good!   Everyone we talk to or plan to meet up with seems to end up with some kind of boat problem.  Yvonne even told me they are not going to let us know where they are going next in case we jinx them again.

Yesterday we were to try to meet up with Jeff and Kathy on Esencia, their nice 65′ Pacific Mariner.   We got a text and phone message from Jeff that both of their generators quit at the same time while anchored at Squirrel Cove and when he tried to start his boat both controls would not work.   He eventually got his controls working and limped into Campbell River so we headed that way to see if there was anything we could do, plus we wanted to see them.  He has a repairman working on the gen sets now.

We will most likely stay here again tonight, then put in a long day tomorrow in our push south.  Who knows… we might even be home by this weekend.

Gar on the fuel barge at Cordero Lodge


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Six Degrees X Two

Once again my theory of six degrees of separation holds true – that it is really 2 or 3 degrees.   We have spent the last 2 days at Cordero Lodge.  Last night at dinner there was a pretty big group of us all socializing after dinner and Gar got to talking to the guy sitting next to him and found out he is really good friends with one of Garry’s old attorneys (Walt Maas) and play golf with his old accountant (Lou Mills).   I was sitting near this guy’s son, Parker, who is an attorney with a law firm that we just used for some work a couple months ago. Pretty funny.

On our way to Cordero we first stopped off  with Bumble Bee at Malcolm Island to visit Logger Dan and his wife Denise and see their summer home.   It was super windy in Mitchell Bay and just as we got to shore to go to their house we realized our boats – which were rafted together at anchor – were fairly swiftly drifting down the bay.  Oops!  Gar and Bill went back out to reset the anchor while Judy and I headed to Dan’s.  They have a great place on about 15 acres of almost all old woods.   We took a short trek up to the 1100 year old cedars.  They are amazing.   The Haida Indians used to burn out the center of the large ones to build canoes.   We did not stay long at Mitchell Bay due to the wind.  The original plan was to spend the night but it was just too uncomfortable and even though it was windy, the Johnstone Straits looked good so we headed down them.   After an easy few hours we went into Pt. Harvey to anchor for the night.  Bumble Bee came over to raft off us, but we ended up having another anchor dragging situation and had to reset the anchor again.  Twice in one day.  Unheard of!  The shame!   Anyway, second time was a charm.

The next morning (Sunday) Bumble Bee left early to head back to the San Juans and spend some boating vacation time with their kids and we headed on by ourselves to Cordero Lodge.   When we got there it was to find out that the generators that run the place had quit running.   When everything is run off the generators this is not good.   There were a couple guys there looking into it so Gar jumped into the fray and in a couple hours they had things back running.   The next morning (yesterday) Gar did some more maintenance and labeled a bunch of things.   So far it is all good.

We were hoping to see Reinhardt yesterday.  He had bought supplies for the place and Kellie was to go pick him up but she had boat trouble and had to come back.  The groceries got picked up by another boat, but Reinhardt didn’t come with that boat because he left his meds at home.   The groceries were dropped off at Blind Channel and Gar and I went over in our dinghy and picked them up.  The fuel barge was there while we were and they guy on the barge was concerned that he would not be able to deliver to Cordero because of the 100′ Black Tie in the spot where he needed to be.  And Cordero needed the diesel and propane.   So, when we went back and explained the concerns, Rick and Lise on the Black Tie just pulled out for about a half hour while the fuel barge moved in.  It was quite the orchestration of boats and it was so nice they would do that.  Got some good pictures of the fuel barge with Garry standing on it.

As I am typing this, it is 7 a.m. on Tuesday.  Kellie’s 9 year old son Michael just went fishing with Garry in our dinghy.  He is being a fish guide and is so excited.  He snuck out past his little brother Max (6) because he wanted it to be just him.  That’s all he talked about last night at dinner.. where to fish, how to fish, what to catch.  Right on 7:00 on the dot, he knocked on our boat to see if Gar was ready.  We had a pretty late night, so it probably sounded like a better idea last night, but Gar gamely headed off with one happy little boy.

We are leaving here today to catch the afternoon slack at Dent Rapids, then will try to contact Jeff and Kathy Landstrom on the Essencia.   They are in the area but we don’t know for sure if we will meet up with them or not.  They are picking Dick and Davie Frederickson up at Lund today and then are deciding where they go and are going to let us know.

Got caught up via email with Simon and Yvonne.  They are in Anacortes trying to get their freezer fixed again.  They spent some time in Garrison Bay and had Boondocker rafted off of them one night.   Yvonne told me we had passed our gremlins on to the Boondocker.  They were having inverter problems and a dinghy motor that would not run good.  That sure does sound like us!

I will not upload any pictures in this post.  The wifi is pretty in and out and so for the sake of getting a post done I’ll save pictures for later.




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World’s Worst Blogger

I have been just horrible this summer about the blog.   It sure did not help that Pt. Hardy Marina no longer has wifi, so I would have had to walk to town to find internet and there just wasn’t time or energy.

A quick update now.. We are in Pt. McNeill after a great trip across the Queen Charlotte Straits and back again for a week of salmon fishing near Spider Island, just past Hakai Pass (very famous for it’s salmon fishing).  The weather was the usual rain, more rain, overcast, then one day of sun, then overcast.   Of course we all complained on the sunny day because it was so hot!  Typical.

Gar caught the largest fish up at Spider (though many big ones got away, you know).  A nice 32 pound King – call Springs or Chinooks in Canada.  The cohos were in abundance.  Everyone caught as many of those as they wanted, then did catch and release.

Gar's big catch

On the trip back toward Pt. Hardy Bumble Bee (Bill and Judy) suggested we anchor in a place called Millbrook Bay just inside the opening to Smith Sound.   The next day Bill took us sightseeing up the sound.  We got to walk the beautiful beach on Margaret Bay and see shipwrecks at Finnis Hook.   Saw more eagles, a whale, a logging camp.. tried to catch fish, but no takers that day.

We are heading over to Malcolm Island today to visit Logger Dan and his wife Denise.  They live in Kent/Covington area but have a summer place here.   Might do some halibut fishing.  Then tomorrow we will start wandering further south.

Miss you all, but we are having a great time.   Most the the gremlins with our boat have been passed on to others.   We did have to buy a new coffee pot, though!

The beach at Margaret Bay