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At Jennis Bay

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We have been slowly moving around since we left Pierre’s at Echo Bay.  We headed to Greenway Sound Marina which is now closed but cheap-o people like us are staying on the vacant docks until they are sold and removed.   We were not the only ones.. We were there 3 nights and there were anywhere from 7 to 17 boats there each night.   The prawning is excellent there.  These guys were the biggest prawns I have ever seen up here.  Almost scary to look at those eyes bugging out at you.   We continued to have rain…. then a little sun, so Yvonne and I took Demie kayaking for the first time.  She did great.   We stayed at Greenway 3 nights.   Again, one of those coincidences happened to us.  A Canadian boat there named Northern Lights used to owned by a friend in Des Moines.  The boat was then named Salty Gus.  I took pictures to take back and show the previous owners.

We left Greenway Sound for Claydon Bay and anchored in our favorite spot.   Gar, Demie and I took the dinghy to Sullivan Bay for supplies but the store was out of some of the things I wanted.  Saw our friends from Five Foot Two there and they were going to come to Claydon Bay later so they bought what I wanted and brought them to us.  Nice!

One day got pretty darn sunny and the bugs came out so Simon got out his trusty sewing machine and Gar got out the screen material and they made screens for both boats!  Heaven!  They just snap on the doors and hatches.  Feeling pretty uptown!

Sandpiper’s friends, Troublemaker and Mouse Trap came to Claydon Bay and anchored so we kayaked over and said hi to them.

We left Claydon to come to Jennis Bay which is where we are as I type this. But I just saw the clock and I have to start my dish for the cajun night dinner here.   We get homemade gumbo, jambalaya and bread pudding and we all bring a side dish.   So, if time I will post more later.  If not, it will be on Wed or Thurs at Pt. Hardy.




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